From Croatia with Love

I asked Mom whether some of my nation live in Croatia and they do! We are EVERYWHERE!! Mom didn’t see very many, but there was a dog here and there.  She looked for a dog store or some great doggy toys in one of the shops, but found nothing. I mean NOTHING. What’s that all about? She probably just didn’t look hard enough.

She was told that some humans in the cities can’t afford to feed them and turn them loose. WHAT?? Turn them loose? I think that would be really scary. Who would give them tummy rubs?

One morning Mom looked out the window while eating breakfast and saw two dogs on top the hill across from the hotel. There’s an Italian bunker, left over from World War II, up there and they were on it! See that crane? Look on top of the hill just to the right of it. There it is!! That’s where they were. Walking the bunker walls.

I know what those dogs were doing: they were patrolling the sea-coast, watching for invaders. I just know it. And I think what they were doing is really important because Dubrovnik gets bombed a lot. Every time there’s a war, it gets bombed. So, I felt really proud that my compadres were so vigilant.

In honor of these dogs, Mom prepared a very special treat for us. A very special pâté straight from Croatia:

atop pumpkin and apple cookies.

OMD, is there more?

She said we have to stay vigilant too, just like our Croatian friends. I’m always on the lookout for invaders. And, you know what? There was one on my fence the other day. A big, fat brown one. Toby and I chase it up the tree! I think we do pretty good at keeping invaders away, don’t you?

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I got a package!

There was a knock on the door: “Who’s there”, I woofed.

It was the UPS guy with a package.

It was for ME! I got a package just for ME.

I think I can get it open if I chew right here.

So, what did I get?

My new Timberwolf purple leash! And what’s that? A new ball!!!

I can get that out of there, I know I can.

Ahhhh. It feels good on the teeth. That was nice of Bark ‘n Purr to send me a ball too!

I can’t wait to wear my new leash.

I try really hard not too, but sometimes I just have to chew on leashes. It feels so good–like the ball.

I hope I don’t chew this one up……

And guess who likes the box!

Everyone is happy!!

Anipal Photo Hunt #11: Trick or Treat!

OK, you saw those pictures of Toby and me yesterday, but there are more!! Oh, the indignity of it all…………..

Toby does make a pretty nice king.

Then, there’s me–a stupid squirrel. I bet you’d never would have guess that, huh?

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I’m Skeery!!!!

What the heck are they doing to us now? Look at what they put on us:

Do I look like a squirrel? Gee whiz, this hat is driving me NUTS. Toby makes a nice king, but he didn’t like his crown either.

There was a Halloween party at Fido’s and all the dogs were dressed up–well, most of them..

And I got to play ball! My favorite thing in the whole wide world is to play ball. Mom says I’m ball-obsessed.

I think I’d have made a better she-devil, don’t you?

Pretty scary, huh?

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Or so they thought. Today, I proved that theory wrong yet again. Let me tell you what happened.

When I go out on the town, or to the dog park, I wear this really nice leash that had been Maggie’s–you know she was my sister who went over the Rainbow Bridge. Well, it was made by Timberwolf and the leash is a double-braided 7/16″ round nylon rope with a nice handle for Mom or Dad. I’ve tried chewing on it, like I did those silly old flat nylon ones, but never got anywhere. Those flat ones are a snap! Just let me have one and I’ll show you how fast I can chew through it.

Well, I was secretly chewing on my Timberwolf one while Mom and Dad were away. My petsitter didn’t know and I didn’t tell her. I did it while she was taking us to the dog park. Anyhow, there’s some cording where the leash is attached to the metal hook, so I concentrated on that part. I figured that if there was any way to do it, it was there. And bingo! I did it.

Mom opened the door at the park this morning and there I was–no leash! I was proud, but I don’t think Mom was too happy. She had to put Toby’s leash on me and Toby got to go without. NO FAIR.

I heard Mom ordering me a new one. She said it was purple! Just like my harness!! I wonder how long this one will last? Mom said it had better last forever. We’ll see…..

Oh, one more thing, I heard Mom say she was changing my name to Destructo.

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What Happened at the Beach-revisited

Mom and Dad are suppose to come home today, but here’s another story I told you earlier:

Well, what happened, you ask? Let me tell you, it was a lot. This is going to be a LONG story, so you’d better sit down and relax.

Mom and Dad took Toby and me to Lincoln City not long ago–actually about a week ago. That’s on the coast of Oregon, in case you don’t know. I’ve been to the coast before, but the first time I was really little and don’t remember it. The second time was a disaster because Mom lost her keys in the sand. WOW, what a mess that was-she needs to get her head examined….(oops, don’t tell her I said that). We (Toby and I) had to ride in our car on this BIG truck, but it was OK–we just took naps.

This time, Mom said I lifted her curse. Ya’ know, everything comes in threes, or so they say. So, you ask, what was the first thing? One time, before she lost her keys and about the time I was being born, they went to the coast and came home and THEY WERE ROBBED. Now, I bet you are wondering what could have happened this time? Let me tell you.

When we got there, we went to Gleneden Beach so we could have fun and run and play. Did I tell you Toby II (and his sister Macy) were there too? They were! There weren’t very many human people, so we got to go off-leash (remember, I know “come”). That was so much fun–sand to dig in and Toby II. THEN I saw the water! This was like going to the river!! Here I come!!!!

That was one big river–not like the Sandy. And there was something Mom called waves–look at them! They were BIG! And something called seafoam. I thought maybe that was something I could eat–but it tasted a little funny. Mom said I can’t drink it OR eat it–it can make me really sick. Well, what is it?

So, I ran down into the water and this huge wave crashed over me–I came up spluttering. Oh wow, it was  BIG. Mom and Dad were SCARED (or so they said). They said I could have been caught by a sneaker wave. What’s that? I thought sneakers were something I could chew. They’re crazy….Give me a sneaker, I’ll show them!

Well, I guess it was something I need to learn more about. Mom put me on my leash and said I had to wear it on the beach until I learned about it. Well, they’d better teach me!

We stayed at this hotel that LOVES dogs. They even let me stay there! I thought that was pretty neat. Mom took Toby and me for a long walk and I played with Toby II and then we had to go to bed.

When it was really dark outside, Toby got up; got stuck in the bathroom and barked. Mom thought he needed to go pottie and told Dad. Dad got up; opened the front door and I raced out! Like I do at home, don’t you know? He didn’t know I was right there at the door. Silly Daddy!

Oops–where am I? This is not my back yard. Mom and Dad came out and kept calling:  “Sage, COME”. They sounded really scared, but I knew where I was. Did they? Apparently not–what was their problem? Well, I came, like I was taught. I just made them suffer a little–I was having fun exploring. Mom read her book for a long while after that, but I went back to sleep. What was the big deal, anyway?

Mom says this is what lifted her curse! Really? Does that mean we get to go back? Oh, wait! We still had another day! But I’m tired after all this writing, so you’ll have to wait.

Kittie in the Bucket-Revisited

Since Mom and Dad left us while they went off to have fun, I thought you might like some of my earlier stories:

I just don’t know why these cats won’t play with me? I try and try, but they just say I’m trying. Mornings are fun because we’re all awake and ready for fun! And breakfast.

Today, I came out and here was Mystic sitting in a bucket. Mom washed her car yesterday and there it was. It was perfect for her–just the right size. Well, let me tell you, she told me in no uncertain terms that she was going to stay in that bucket. And she did. For a long time. At least until breakfast.

Thailing, Mystic’s sister, always comes over when I’m playing with Mystic. I think she secretly wants to play too! She gets between Mystic and me and tells me to back off! Loudly. BACK OFF. Yes, Ma’am.

I sometimes listen to her.

I just wish they would play chase, like my friends at the park. Maybe cats don’t do that? What do they do for fun though? Sit in buckets? Pretty silly, huh?

Elk Antlers-Revisited

Since Mom and Dad left us while they went off to have fun, I thought you might like some of my earlier stories:

Have you ever had an antler to chew? All I can say is WOW.

Mom and Dad heard about these things at a park we go to called Normandale. It’s tons of fun and always lots of dogs to run and play with. I especially like it when a dog runs after a ball or likes to race around the park. Then I can race too! Wait–what was I talking about. Oh, antlers…….

Anyhow, Mom ordered some from a place called Antler Pantry. This package came and she gave Toby and me one each. I took one smell and ran under the desk. What was this thing? Was it going to hurt me? I was SCARED. But then I heard something–it was Toby chewing on one of those things. Maybe it wasn’t so bad after all. I guess I should try it.

Well, long story short. I chew on my antler all the time. I even took Toby’s away from him–he really didn’t want it anyway.