Wordless Wednesday: Watch, Mom!

Getting down on the dock ramp is easy, but I still won’t get into the pool. I see a lesson coming up!

Update on Toby: His treatment of Cushing’s Disease with the drug Lysodren is a fine balancing act of trying to bring his cortisol levels down to normal. He responded to just a few days of treatment with a drop a bit too far and became lethargic and had no appetite. We are in daily contact with the vet specialist, who has been closely monitoring him. We started Toby on prednisone last night and it seems to be working. It’ll be some back and forth with the drugs, but, with some tinkering, we will eventually achieve a workable level.

Of course, Sir Pantsalot would tell you the dragon was a bit fearsome and almost won the first round. But our brave knight conferred with his special vet and has a new secret weapon. A magic powder was added to his sword and he, along with his sidekick Sage, are returning for another round. VICTORY WILL BE HAD!

My Newest Fascination

Our new neighbor has these strange critters hanging out in her yard.I am mesmerized to the point of fascination. I can’t move. And I watch…and watch.

It seems like these critters are always sniffin’ the ground—kinda like I do. But they aren’t fellow dogs. What are they? They aren’t like those flying things Mom calls birds. They sure don’t yell CAW CAW at me. In fact, they aren’t even paying attention to me? What’s up with that?

I wonder if we can be friends? Do you think they like to play ball? What’s that Mom? I have to just watch them? I could do that for hours!

The Battle has Begun

Sir Pantsalot here. Just wanted to let you know the battle with my dragon has begun. Training has been non-stop. First, I had to learn how to sling that sword around. That was a little hard for a four-legger, let me tell you. Then, would you believe it, my special vet said I had to learn to ride a mighty steed. Pshew, I never knew it was so hard, but I’m getting the hang of it! Maybe if I’d sling that left front leg over to the other side…..

My sword has been sprinkled with magic potion and I’m in full fight mode, slowly moving towards the dragon’s lair.

I’ve thought and thought about this dragon, because I don’t know what to expect. This dragon could be goofy and easy to slay–

or mean and scary–which means I could be in the fight of my life.

But, I have a secret weapon (don’t tell anyone–it might get back to the dragon). It’s SAGE! She said that nasty old dragon wasn’t going to get the best of me and that was that!! She’s a feisty one, that’s for sure.

Note from Mom: Toby started treatment for Cushing’s Disease a couple of days ago. So far, so good. The vet is in constant contact, but doesn’t expect much change for a couple more days. Fortunately, Toby hasn’t shown any un-welcome symptoms at this point.

So, let’s go see what everyone is doing at the Saturday Blog Hop!

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Muddy Monday

Not quite the traditional mud-dippin’ body-coatin’ Monday I usually deliver, but I didn’t want to disappoint any of my Muddy Monday fans! We went back to the woods yesterday.

The ferns were everywhere! This whole hill was covered with them!And I bet you can’t guess what we found? Noooooo, not my traditional mud puddle. A creek!With a big pool waiting just for us! We looked like whirling dervishes!! But if you really want to see us in action and get full effects of muddy water play–watch our movie!

We Hike For Awards!

Ha, I bet you wonder what that’s all about? To start, I’ve been honored, and I mean honored, to be the recipient of several awards in the past week. Eddie and Cassie over at What Dogs Do awarded us with an Inspiration Award! Thank you, guys, for thinking I’m an inspiration! I wonder if they have mud in the UK? I’m on it, guys! I’m suppose to pass this on to other bloggers and let me tell you, you ALL inspire me! But my biggest inspiration is my Toby, Sir Pantsalot of the Round Bowl. He’s been practicing a lot with his sword this week. The special vet went to a conference this week to pick up the magic powder he’s going to sprinkle on Toby’s sword. He said the fight will begin next week and wants to be nearby in case Sir Pantsalot needs some help. I told him I’d help sharpen his sword or carry his armor or do anything to help him, ’cause he’s my inspiration. I know he’s going to win, I just know it. And, all of you bloggers out there, please know that you inspire me a lot too. That’s what keeps us going!

Miss Stella over at Just Ramblin’ awarded me with a Genuine Blogger Award. And there are no rules or blogs to forward this to or anything! I was so happy that if there was a mud puddle nearby, I’d dive in–except they’re all drying up…… So, I’ll just say thanks to Miss Stella for thinking of me. THANKS MISS STELLA!!Then, would you believe it, Oscar  sent me the Versatile Blogger Award. I try to be versatile, but there’s only so many mud-puddles. Trust me, if there’s one around, I’ll find it–just ask Mom.  Oscar, you are the BEST!


After all that heady stuff, Mom and I went for a long hike at Powell Butte with my friends Caly and Tucker. Toby didn’t go–Mom said it was getting a bit warm and we were going to be gone for a while. He needs to conserve his energy for the big battle.

Remember, we’ve been to Powell Butte before, but Caly’s Mom knew all the best trails. We stayed mainly in the forest–I love running up and down all those hills. Of course, I had to be on-leash part of the time (you know, rules…..).But I had time to show you some of the neat scenics (as my friend Shawnee would say). Here’s a hollowed out tree stump. Pretty big, huh? I was doing my best sit/stay. Mom says I have to focus. Focus pocus, that’s what I say.I practiced my agility and jumped up on this big moss-covered rock. Don’t you think I look like an explorer–looking for the next trail? Check out my feet–see the mud? I found some even here!
Caly and I waited on this fallen tree trunk for water. We were pretty parched! Mom, you need to bring LOTS of water. Don’t you know anything?How do you like this boulder? I don’t think I’d like it rolling down on me! I just decided to look pretty here (and practice focus stuff. (Gee, Mom. You’re no fun.))At the very end of our hike, we met a man who was taking pictures of this butterfly. He said it was rare and only lives on thistle. If I had to live on thistle, I’d be rare too! OUCH. And, guess what, we saw several of them, so we stopped and watch them flit around. One even landed on Mom’s head! He told us what it was called (sounded like satyrangua), but Mom couldn’t find it on the Internet. She found a Comma Butterfly that’s rare and looks like this one, but we aren’t butterfly experts. So, here it is to enjoy, whatever it’s called…..

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Muddy Monday

OK, so you see mud down there. Right at my feet. Why am I not rolling in it, you ask? BECAUSE ALL MY MUD-PUDDLES ARE DRIED UP. Can you believe it? Thank goodness Mom brought my Wubba!

See, I don’t roll in the mud by the ponds–not when there’s a ball around. No sirree, not me! I do have my standards, now.

I do a pretty good ball dance too. Come on, throw it, PULEEEEZE! A little closer Mom. Get in that mud. You can do it.Mom said she threw it about 30 times out into the pond. Swimming is my new game, but don’t ask me to run and jump in. Nope. That’s not for me. I guess dock-diving won’t be one of my sports…

I did get some running in with my pal, Toby II (he’s my very first BFF). My Toby was there too, but he was off thinking about his sword and didn’t get in the photo shoot. He’s hoping to get some practice sessions in this week. Ya’ know he’s got that dragon waiting out there for him. I told him I’d help him though.Mom liked all the wild flowers that were in bloom. This was a pretty daisy of some sort.And there were LOTS of wild roses. They even smelled pretty. Soon the blackberries will be fruiting. They are soooooo good, but they are invasive here in the Pacific Northwest. The park people eradicated lots and lots of them to try to get them under control and I bet they are going to return those sections to meadow grasses. More places for me to run!! Maybe there’ll be a mud-puddle or two.I do miss my mud :(

Sir Pantsalot’s Sword

Toby here: Well, everyone, I did it! I got my sword.A genuine, heavy-duty sword to fight of the Cushing’s disease dragon! At least I didn’t have to be fitted for my golden, angel-wings. I have to admit, I was a bit apprehensive about all this. What was it to be? Sword? or Angel wings? I was glad it was a sword. The only bad part was that I didn’t get any treats. They did some stuff to my tummy–you’ll have to ask Mom about that. I was a bit out of it when that happened. I’m home, happy and drank an entire bowl of water–I sure was thirsty! And I hear we are going to 1000 Acres today. Sage will be happy. She told me she was a little freaked out while I was gone. Mom tried to play ball with her at Fido’s and she just got on her lap and shivered. Silly girl–what did she think, anyhow. I’ll be here a bit longer. Just give me some treats, please, Mom!

Mom here: Thanks to everyone for your best wishes for Toby. They paid off!! He does have Cushing’s disease, but the vet didn’t see any tumors or indications of cancer in the ultrasound. His spleen was “really gnarly” (that’s vet-speak for something that doesn’t look so hot) so he sent off a scraping. It came back OK–no cancer. He feels Toby’s disease is fully treatable, which was good news. So we are off for more fun in the mud (Sage) and a long swim to remove it (also Sage)! We’ll catch up with everyone on the Saturday Blog Hop. See you there and thanks again!!

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Morning Chew

Mom SAYS we have a lot going on today, and, as usual, involves Toby & I. Sir Pantsalot is going to see that special vet so he can put in an order for his magic sword. Mom says I have to go play at Fido’s, my favorite indoor dog park while they’re gone. Then we are going to 1000 Acres (WHOOHOO)! It’s a wonderful day coming up–that what I think anyhow.

In the meanwhile, I need to make sure I’m perfectly groomed with a little antler chewing to clean my teeth.I’ve been working on this one for months, but soon it’ll be time for a new one. Hope your Friday is fun too!

Update from Mom: We had to leave Toby for more tests, so 1000 Acres was scratched for today. We’re hoping for the best, but the vet is concerned about his weight loss.