Barn Hunt

My sniffer is always on the ground and what I find is sometimes within Mom’s acceptance level and sometimes not. Barn Hunt has been around a while, but we’ve not had the opportunity to try it. So, when it arose, I jumped on it!

Um…that would be the opportunity, not the rat….

What was this all about? Well, we sniffed a ratWhat's that? IMG_7901It’s there! I smell it!

Then we sniffed a tube that either had a rat, stinky rat smells or nothing. That was easy, let me tell you.

We moved to the actual ‘Hunt’. This is what it looks likeIMG_7899Looks like a bunch of hay to me.

Little did I know!

So what do I have to do?

I'm ready!

 Well, the rules are:

You have to go through a hay bale tunnel, jump on top of a hay bale and find the rat. All in 2 minutes. And, when you find the rat, the ‘rat keeper’ takes away the tube and….it’s gone. WHHHAAAATTT??The course

When my turn came, I found the rat. Right off the bat. And it was gone! I tried to see if there were more, but Mom kept saying ‘tunnel’. I jumped on those hay bales, sniffing and sniffing. Time was running out. Tunnel. Tunnel. There has to be another rat–I just know it. Tunnel. Tunnel. 

OK, fine. If it makes you happy. I went through the stupid tunnel and still made it through the course in less than 2 minutes.  I would have been happy to have sniffed another rat…

Warrior Rock Lighthouse

Mom gets tired of the same ol’ places so when Mr. N’s Mom suggested a hike to a lighthouse on Sauvie Island, she jumped on it! Me? I didn’t care–as long as I can run and have water nearby, I’m happy as a clam. We picked them up and took off for a day of fun!

We started our 3.5 mile trek (that’s one-way, thank you very much) to this lighthouse on the banks of the Columbia River. Racing along the ColumbiaWe quickly realized we couldn’t get there along the beach…probably because it disappeared. :) A quick scramble up the bank took us to a very muddy road…which way to go?

We went that-a-way, and found more mud. But there was no turning back. On we went and eventually the path was a bit drier.

And then…..

There it was!Warrior Rock LighthouseThere’s a lot of interesting history about this lighthouse–you can read it here. I felt like one of those early explorers…who knew what was around the corner?

There’s a bedrock reef (a main reason for this lighthouse) out there in the water–we saw the water eddying around it (sorry, Mom apparently didn’t get the picture)–so we were careful.

exploringMr. ‘dare-devil’ N, explored the water’s edge while I checked out a hole in the rock. Our Moms shared an apple while we continued to explore.Sage & Mr N

And chew a stick…Stick chewing is an art!Or, just look cute!


Soon it was time to head back along the trail. We somehow missed the way back to the beach (and, ultimately, the car), but a quick slide down a cliff got us there.

It was time for a much-needed nap!

My Mani-Pedi

See these tootsies? They’re mine and I’m very particular about them. No one, and I mean NO ONE, touches them. Mom’s been trying for years–sometimes I wake up from a dead sleep and she’s messing with my toes! What does she think? I’m gonna like it or something? my toesNow, a leg massage or a belly rub or, oooooh, a behind-the-ear rub is heavenly. Just don’t go near my feet.

So, today she tells me I need my nails clipped. Is she deaf or something? Or just plain dumb? Didn’t I say NO ONE touches my feet. Well, guess what? I lost….

We went to one of our favorite pet stores because ‘the best nail trimmer around’ was there this afternoon. We’ll see how good she is.

I danced around her. Backed up. Danced some more–generally let her know in no uncertain terms she was NOT touching MY feet. Then I heard her say ‘I’m going to treat her like a horse’. At that point, I knew she meant business.  And before I knew it, me AND my paws were every which way and it was done. And I didn’t die…

So, wait ’til you hear this one–the next thing I knew, a cat came in the store. Just to get its nails trimmed. Let me tell you, this cat rides in style!

cat in for nail trimmingI had to get a little closer–after all, this was a cat. Getting its nails trimmed. nail trimming--a cat

And it didn’t even seem to care. Well,except for me being so close. cat nail trimming

Mom said we’d better leave before I find out what a whack on my nose would feel like from a cat whose nails hadn’t been trimmed yet. Sort of a good idea, don’tcha think?

So, that’s the story about my mani-pedi. I may have to start neighing….

Meeting Mr. N

It was a very windy day out at 1000 acres as I sat waiting. And then…Waiting for Mr N here he came–Mr. N of Tenacious Little Terrier!Mr NMr N & Sage

What a cute little guy. I decided I had to be on my best behavior and show Mr. N how much fun this place can be. We went on a long hike through the woods and down the path, trying to stay out of the wind. I ran and Mr. N stayed right with me–he’s quite the little trooper and became my cheering squad when I got hot and had to hit the nearest mud puddle (of course, you say). Cheering me onSomewhere along the way, a wild rose branch got stuck in my furs–it was not fun with all those stickers on it, let me tell you. I worked on one end of the branch and Mr. N pulled on the other. pulling off the rose branch

And, we did it–I’ll have Mr. N on my team any day!

I do have to confess that in my zeal to really awe Mr. N and his Mom with my excellent behavior, I found some extra special eau de stink to roll in. I did want to make a good impression, you know. I just don’t know why Mom kept saying “don’t get too close to Sage”. At least I was able to dab a bit around my neck–I understand that’s where eau de stink goes.

Well, all it got me was this:A bath


Thanks for joining us Mr. N and his Mom! We hope to do it again.