An Astoria Adventure

When Mom told me we were going to Astoria, I reminded her they traded in fur there. I didn’t want to be part of someone’s hat or coat. What, she said. Silly dog–that was a looooong time ago and your fur is safe. Much relieved, I said: Please pass the fries as we stopped for lunch. patiently waitingPlaying tourist, we checked out some sights of modern-day Astoria. Since food was initially on our minds, we visited a fish and chips boat, but it was closed. That didn’t stop Mr. N and I from playing captain on the boat.

Moving on, we continued the nautical theme by hanging out on an anchor. Well, Mr. N did. I held down the chain so we didn’t slip into the Columbia. That’s what furiends are for!

Anchors away!

Anchors away!

John Jacob Astor built a fort here way back in 1810, but his fur-trading business was a flop and he sold it to the British in 1813.

Fort AstoriaI personally thought it was a good place to hide in case those fur-traders were still around. I do like my furs….

And, did you know that this movie called The Goonies was filmed here in 1985? I guess Mom never saw the movie, but the house where it was filmed was sure a tourist attraction. Which meant we had to make a stop before leaving town. :)


We enjoyed Astoria and will go back again!

Bridge from Astoria to WA state

Beachward Bound

We haven’t been to the beach in ages, so the ‘heat-wave-that-wasn’t’ in Portland was just the excuse to go. Our original destination was a hike south of Astoria, but faulty directions forced us to end up at Gearhart Beach. A better choice in my opinion!

It was a foggy, sunny day when we arrived with Mr. N and his Mom. Much to our delight, it wasn’t very crowded. There is a section where you can drive onto this beach, but we avoided it and chose the emptier stretch. A foggy dayThere were a few tourists here and there, but not the crowds probably found further down the coast.

Hi! I live in Portland. How about you?

                                        Hi! I live in Portland. How about you?

Mr. N and I played ‘stick’ for a bit. I found a really long one and Mr. N circled around, hoping to steal it. I like to shred sticks, so I broke off a piece for him. He was happy!

Moving on, I found a flock of shore birds to chase. They didn’t lead me on like the ones at Cannon Beach a few months ago. Probably a good thing–that’s pretty tiring work!

One of my favorite things to do at the beach is play in the surf. I sometimes forget this isn’t the river and drink a little of that salt water. I’ve learned over the years this isn’t a good thing to do–for some reason my breakfast kibble ends up on the sand. :(

I just drank a little, Mom…

Playing in the surf

I even got Mr. N to play out there!

Silver Falls

Before I tell you about my latest adventure, I want to thank you for all the good wishes for my Dad. <3 He’s starting to feel better and should be back to normal soon.

Mom’s Sis and BIL came to visit last week and one day we took off for Silver Falls State Park. Dogs are only allowed on the Rim Trail–the others are too dangerous for us 4-leggers, or so they say.

Let's go this'a way

Let’s go this’a way

And we kept it simple since this was the first big hike since Mom’s accident.

It was a pretty hike, with moss-covered trees

Moss covered trees

and stumps just made for sitting.Silver Falls

We did see a couple of falls–there are at least 10 in the park, but we’d have had to go on the forbidden trails to see the rest. It’s quite steep in places, but the views must be pretty awesome. And, you can hike behind a few of the falls! Mom said that’ll be another day. Without me. :(

Winter Falls was just a trickle over a large rock, but I bet it’s more spectacular in late winter/early spring.Winter FallsI practiced my agility on this wall above the waterfall, but Mom wouldn’t let me stay there very long. Overlooking Winter Falls

We trudged along the trail enjoying the lush forest and the raucous calls of a group of ravens. Boy, they were noisy! I don’t speak ‘raven’, but they had a LOT to say. Maybe I shouldn’t have chased that crow the other day. Blabbermouth!!Silver Falls looking down the canyon

I could hear water now and then, but there was no place to get my furs wet! Good thing it was still cool. Fortunately Mom brought plenty of water–she’s good about those things. We finally came to the end of the trail and saw North Falls way over on the other side of the canyon. It has a 136-foot drop and was just what we wanted to see. I wonder what it would have been like to go behind that falling water? Maybe I could have gotten my furs wet after all…North Falls

On the way back, I showed Uncle K how to do a proper log walk. Uncle KI hope they come back soon to visit me–he does really good skritches!