Being Stylish Together

I kept hearing Mom say she wanted to find some squirrel fabric. WHAT?? I’d be more than happy to accommodate her with some of those bushy-tailed rats that are constantly teasing me in my backyard. Having never caught one might have delayed the search though…

I digressed a bit there, but those darn squirrels really get me going sometimes. So, why did she want squirrel fabric? I was soon to find out it meant Mr. N and an adventure!

I was sooooo excited to see Mr. N–it’s been a long month, let me tell you, since we were last together. We played and wrestled and then got down to the business of fun. And that began with something new on our collars.
Mr. N & Sage

Matching bandanas!

With squirrels!!My new bandana

I particularly liked the jaunty over-the-shoulder look. And the way those squirrels are running. Just what they should be doing!

An End to Boredom!

It’s been a long 3 weeks since I’ve been around (not that I’ve been having fun or anything), but things are getting back to normal at my house—finally! Mom’s knee is healing and the blood clot is (hopefully) under control. I’ve gotten a wonderfully long walk each day from the bestest petsitter in the whole world and some of my favorite bi-peds have taken me on a few outings where I can run.

When I heard I was going to get to go to 1000 Acres the other day, I was in heaven! It was a little weird going without Mom, but I got to go with my buds Heidi and Toby–what could be better?? I was a bit worried about the supply of mud holes, but, fortunately, I was able to find some. :D



Mud always means a nice roll in the dirt afterwards. How else is a dog supposed to clean off?

There's nothing like a good roll after wallowing in a mud hole.

               There’s nothing like a good roll after wallowing in a mud hole.

Then off we went to the Sandy River where I found a ball!

Look what I found!

                                                           Look what I found!

I even shared with Heidi. She likes to play keep-away.

I'll play ball with you, Heidi.

                                                I’ll play ball with you, Heidi.

We ran and played and ran and played.

Run, Toby, Run!

                                                         Run, Toby, Run!

And I had a bath when I got home…

Mom started taking me for walks yesterday and she whispered to me that we are going to see Mr. N this week for a new adventure! I can’t wait!!

Council Crest Hike

There are a lot of really great trails right within the Portland metropolitan area, so Mr. N and I decided to take advantage of a beautiful day and go for a hike up to Council Crest Park–about 6.4 miles round trip and 1100 feet elevation gain. At first, Mr. N thought he smelled something and didn’t want to go, but a little encouragement from some of my Papa Psuka treats (dried liver), he was ready to go! (We aren’t reviewing these treats–they’re just plain GOOD)

I’m not too sure about this, Mom

Up the trail we went. It’s always nice to be in the forest–there’s plenty of felled trees to stop and have a photo-op take a rest.

Wanna play?

Wanna play?

Up and up we went, then down a ravine and back up again. Piece of cake–at least that’s what I thought. Mom was thinking about the return trip through that ravine….

We reached the top and WOW. The views were spectacular. If you look hard, that’s Mt. Hood in the background. It had gotten a bit warmer, so Mom put my trusty cooling coat on. She’d soaked it in water and carried it in her backpack just for me!
Sage & Mr. NWe could also see Mount St. Helens (that’s the one that blew its top in 1980) on the left and Mount Adams on the right. Mt St Helens & Mt AdamsJust behind Mount St. Helens is Mt. Rainier–way up near Seattle and 104 miles from where we stood.Mt. Rainier & Mt St HelensAfter checking out all the sceniks, we found a statue of a pioneer woman and her baby. We thought it was pretty cool!

It was time to head back down the trail, with several stops for a bit of log walking.

walking the logand checking out some of the wonderful forest scenes.Along the Trail I was happy!Happy Sage

Mom here: This is the last hike for a while. While doing something stupid (trimming off some low hanging branches off a tree) I had to jump off the falling ladder and tore my ACL and another ligament in my knee. MRI Monday will tell us what the specific damage is. So, with the help of friends, Sage will continue to have adventures in the near future and we’ll be back on the trail as soon as possible. We’ll still be posting and visiting all of you though!

While Mom was Gone

We love these irises

During Portland's boil water alert, all we could drink was bottled water. I couldn't have this kind though...

During Portland’s boil water alert, all we could drink was bottled water. I couldn’t have this though…

I think he likes me!

                                                 I think he likes me!

I miss Mom

I miss Mom but I sure love my friend who takes me for walks!

Up a Rock

Romp in the Park.


Beacon Rock, on the Washington side of the Gorge (Columbia Gorge), was our fun destination with Mr. N this week. We met in Washougal and had a quick romp in a nearby dog park (I even found 2 balls!) before setting out for our destination.



Beacon Rock, the core of an ancient volcano, is only around 850 feet high, but with over 50 switchbacks, it’s about a mile to the summit.  Beacon Rock

Mom put my cooling coat on and off we went…up and up and up. My head was spinnin’ with all the back and forthing on all those switchbacks. But, I was a smilin’ pup when we reached the top!

At the summit

At the summit

We could see Bonneville Dam to the east and watched people fishing on the river. It was so serene a chipmunk and a Steller’s Jay decided to join us for a bit. I didn’t even have the desire to chase that chipmunk! I guess it didn’t look enough like a squirrel. :D

We stopped for a few photo ops on the way back down.

Happy Sage

and Mom made a little video of some of the seeniks we saw on the trip up and back

Mom is off to San Francisco to take care of the Popstar while her parents have a few togetherness days. She’ll be back in about a week knowing I’ll be a bit crazy…..