An End to Boredom!

It’s been a long 3 weeks since I’ve been around (not that I’ve been having fun or anything), but things are getting back to normal at my house—finally! Mom’s knee is healing and the blood clot is (hopefully) under control. I’ve gotten a wonderfully long walk each day from the bestest petsitter in the whole world and some of my favorite bi-peds have taken me on a few outings where I can run.

When I heard I was going to get to go to 1000 Acres the other day, I was in heaven! It was a little weird going without Mom, but I got to go with my buds Heidi and Toby–what could be better?? I was a bit worried about the supply of mud holes, but, fortunately, I was able to find some. :D



Mud always means a nice roll in the dirt afterwards. How else is a dog supposed to clean off?

There's nothing like a good roll after wallowing in a mud hole.

               There’s nothing like a good roll after wallowing in a mud hole.

Then off we went to the Sandy River where I found a ball!

Look what I found!

                                                           Look what I found!

I even shared with Heidi. She likes to play keep-away.

I'll play ball with you, Heidi.

                                                I’ll play ball with you, Heidi.

We ran and played and ran and played.

Run, Toby, Run!

                                                         Run, Toby, Run!

And I had a bath when I got home…

Mom started taking me for walks yesterday and she whispered to me that we are going to see Mr. N this week for a new adventure! I can’t wait!!

Meeting Mr. N

It was a very windy day out at 1000 acres as I sat waiting. And then…Waiting for Mr N here he came–Mr. N of Tenacious Little Terrier!Mr NMr N & Sage

What a cute little guy. I decided I had to be on my best behavior and show Mr. N how much fun this place can be. We went on a long hike through the woods and down the path, trying to stay out of the wind. I ran and Mr. N stayed right with me–he’s quite the little trooper and became my cheering squad when I got hot and had to hit the nearest mud puddle (of course, you say). Cheering me onSomewhere along the way, a wild rose branch got stuck in my furs–it was not fun with all those stickers on it, let me tell you. I worked on one end of the branch and Mr. N pulled on the other. pulling off the rose branch

And, we did it–I’ll have Mr. N on my team any day!

I do have to confess that in my zeal to really awe Mr. N and his Mom with my excellent behavior, I found some extra special eau de stink to roll in. I did want to make a good impression, you know. I just don’t know why Mom kept saying “don’t get too close to Sage”. At least I was able to dab a bit around my neck–I understand that’s where eau de stink goes.

Well, all it got me was this:A bath


Thanks for joining us Mr. N and his Mom! We hope to do it again.


Splish, Splash

I had my usual dip in a mud puddleme--in the mudWhen I heard a noise…


There’s another dog like me? And in MY mud puddle?Another mud loverDon’tcha think I’m such a good influence on others of my species? :D



Of course, you know what that means…




Splish, splash, I was runnin’ in the riverRunningThinking…I have a pretty good life!
The jumpEvery time the stick went in

There was more splishin’ and a-splashin’The diveAnd the mud magically disappears.

(I wonder if that other dog knows Mom’s trick?)

Friday Wrap-up

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season–we sure did. I stayed home while Mom and Dad went to see the little Popstar

Riding her scooterand a gorilla or two.Baby gorilla







See the baby gorilla? She likes getting rides on Grandma’s back. The Popstar had to call me up and tell me all about it!

calling MimiI missed them and was crazy happy when they walked in the door!! And I missed all of you and can’t wait to catch up with everyone.

While I didn’t get to ride on the back of a gorilla, I did cozy up to a big bird at Home Depot.

Me: Excuse me, Mr. Bird. Could you tell me where I could find sink aerators?at Home DepotMr. Bird: Sure!  Just go this way to Aisle 15 and they’ll be on your left. 

I hope Mom has more home repair projects—I like seeing Mr. Bird. He was very helpful.


Mom took me to 1000 Acres a couple of days ago. Let me tell you, digging for mice and voles is dirty, hard work, but someone has to do it. A quick dip in a mud puddle didn’t even begin to get the dirt off!Dog tiredUm, I guess you know what that means…..Mom even got out the doggy shampoo. After a nice warm outdoor bath, I settled down for a loooooong winter’s nap with visions of mud puddles dancing through my head.

This morning, it was off to coffee with my buddy, Heidi. at the coffee shopHeidi: Would you make mine a latte?

Me: I’ll take mine black. Oh. And would you please throw in a biscuit or two?

I hope your week has been as good as mine…see you soon!

In a Fog

Winter trudges along.

And so do I

(those are my words of wisdom for today, in case you were wondering :D ).

Log rolling

On a recent trip to 1000 Acres, we found lots of trees blown down from a previous windstorm. Me, being my usual dare-devil self, tried a bit of log walking.

Toby & Sage on the log



Toby got up there with me.





Heidi thought she’d try too.


It was a bit hard, but we all cheered her on!

I found another log and scampered up.In a fogIt’s very important to scout for mud puddles, you know, but all I saw was fog.

I kept telling myself: Never fear, mud is always around.

Especially this time of year.Icy puddleWhat???

Sorta WW: Wind & Mud Equal…?

Somehow, I, a working dog, find prey very interesting–especially these elusive field mice that are all over the place at 1000 Acres. Even with the wind blowing my tail feathers backwards, I’m able to get my snotter far into a tunnel. But, it’s very hard work so
Digging in the wind

Guess what?!?!?Into the mudMud is never far away this time of year and I cool down!! (Note the wind is still blowing really hard–it helps dry the mud on my furs)

The creature from the mud lagoon....

Pretending I’m the creature from the black mud lagoon….

And all that leads to what wind and mud equal

^Hosing offDid you notice the faucet? I now get a warm hose off! Even in freezing weather.

Thanks, Mom. :)

Thursday This n That


Earlier in the week, we went to my favorite spot, 1000 acres. Construction was everywhere with trucks and more trucks working hard to ruin access to part of the park reconstruct a stream for salmon migration. They did their best to keep us dogs safe with fences blocking the temporary road for all those big trucks and they even waved when they went by. Fortunately, most of the meadows were left unscathed so I ran and ran. But you know what that means–I get H..O..T. And it hadn’t rained in days and days, so how was I supposed to cool off? No mud-puddles, no ponds, no water ANYWHERE. Well, except for the two rivers surrounding the park, but that was for later.

I explored a huge mound of dirt and rocks the construction people made

and….I FOUND IT!In the mud!

Well, Mom couldn’t believe it. How could I manage to find the only mud-puddle in the entire park?

I’m just talented that way…. 

So, off to the river we headed and…what did we find? All the trails were closed. WHAT??? Never fear–where there’s a will, there’s a way, at least that’s what they say. I certainly wasn’t going home like this, Mom said. So, we found our way to the river (around the construction) and voilà!The cleanup in the river

Clean up!!

A Toothbrush

A while back little ol’ me won something–a Zututh Toothbrush


–from Bocci’s Beef. Thanks, guys!!

 It’s one of these battery operated toothbrushes just for us dogs. So, I thought I’d take a look.Meeting the ZututhIt smelled OK and there were some good treats nearby. When I was through and had moved away, Mom turned it on. It made a funny noise and I took off for a hidey place. Mom said we have to work on it, which is what she’s doing. Me? The jury is still out. I do think it’s a wonderful product for us dogs and I’m going to really give it a try! We do have to have clean toofers, don’t we?


Awards are the best and I’ve received a few here lately. Thanks a bunch to the sweet Pippy Monster for the Supersweet Blogger and Versatile Blogger Awards! And to Kuruk and The Cat on my Head for the WordPress Family Award. And to The Wee Rabbit for the Shine On award. Wow! All these awards makes my head spin. Thank you all so much–it means a lot.

In a field of asters