Party Hats? REALLY??

Mr. N and I decided to take over the entire cat tree after our birthday celebration. Of course, you all know fully well the condo is MINE–I staked my legal claim many years ago. The cats granted Mr. N a temporary resident permit to the penthouse with the stipulation that we suffer the indignity of wearing party hats.

Those cats don’t know it yet, but their day is coming……

We did our posing duties without complaint–even with a fresh bag of treats right at my paw-tips. 20151117_125146I intently stared at that treat bag, hoping it would magically open. All the while, Mr. N sat patiently waiting…


Is it time?

and then, the unthinkable happened. 20151117_125238

I think some call it a ‘wardrobe malfunction’.

It was worth it in the end–those treats were mighty tasty!

News Flash: The birthday celebration is not going to end (at least for me). The Popstar told me we were going to have another party at her house next week! So, you’d better check back. 

Who’s Ready for Stuffing?

It all started when I heard Mr. N was coming over for our joint birthday party. Mom was busy in the kitchen making pupcakes.Birthday Cupcakes

The smell alone was driving me crazy. Anticipation was building..

There was a knock on the door and there he was–let the party begin!

 Let me tell you, it didn’t take long to made short work of those pupcakes.

So, what’s all this about ‘stuffing’? 

Or, maybe it really should be called ‘de-stuffing’.

Note from Mom: No stuffing was harmed in the process–it quickly found a new home in the trash. 

May I Help You?

I thought I’d interview for a job opening at the pet store. I think they need a greeter and food tester. I think I’d really be good at it!
Sage at the pet store

I just hope I don’t get fired before I even start for eating too many treats! 😏

Have You Ever Been to a Hospital?

Well, I have. Now. Let me tell you what happened…

Mom got sick a few weeks ago and then Dad got sick. I knew there was something wrong. Then, over a week ago, some humans came and took Dad away in a big truck. Mom said it was an ambulance. And then she was gone. A LOT. And my hu-sis suddenly came all the way from the Popster land! And they were gone. A LOT. I was really sad.

Then, one day, Mom says: “Do you want to go see your daddy?”

Did she have to ask?

Off we went to this big place with lots of door and elevators and stuff. I wasn’t scared at all. Then, all of a sudden, we were in his room! It was really special–Mom said he was in the Cardiac ICU, whatever that means. And they like dogs there! I was soooooo happy. And so was he.

Every day I go back to see him. All the peeps that come in think I’m such a good dog! He’s now in another room, but that hasn’t stopped me going.  kissing Dadsnuggling with Dad

My funny face

Here I am! This is my Dad

Dad has to go someplace else before he can come home, but I know I can go visit him. I’m not so sad anymore.Happy SageMom here: Sage’s Dad developed pneumonia a couple of weeks ago and then lost all mobility in his legs.  He was admitted to the hospital over a week ago. A few days later, he coded and was moved to the Cardiac ICU. His heart muscle is fine, but he has developed atrial fibrillation (a-fib). After several days of trying to reverse it chemically, the decision was made to insert a pacemaker. There will be another procedure at some point to ablate the a-fib. Then he will spend a few weeks in a rehab facility to regain his mobility. Sage has been magnificent throughout all this ordeal and the awesome ability to be able to take her to see him has lifted both of their spirits.

We probably won’t be around much to visit for a while, but we’ll do what we can.

Mosier Plateau Hike

We’re a little late getting this out, but it was such a good hike that I just had to tell you about it!

Mosier is a little town about 70 miles east of Portland, so we met up with Mr. N at 1000 Acres. A good run before heading out was needed by both of us and the long drive to Mosier gave us both time to catch a quick nap. When we turned off the highway (that always wakes me up), we got a little lost. The trailhead wasn’t well marked, but after Mom got on her trusty phone, we backtracked and found it. Off we went!

We followed the trail past a pioneer cemetery nestled on the side of the hill and soon came to a waterfall.Mosier Falls

It was a fairly easy hike to the top of the plateau–some stairs to climb and a bunch of switchbacks–and wild flowers all over the place. I saw a lizard and my prey drive kicked in! Good thing Mom always keeps me on a leash when we’re hiking. But I inspected every grouping of rocks–I was sure there were more!

The best part was at the top–we could see the Columbia making its way to the ocean. What a view!The Columbia RiverSage at the Columbiai was glad Mom packed plenty of water…my black coat makes me even hotter! And I’m even gladder Mom puts flea and tick medicine on me–one of those nasty ticks got on me, but Mom got it off before it could do any harm. Those things are just plain icky!!

We stayed up there for a while. Me looking for lizards; the Moms enjoying the scenery and Mr. N watching several Hawks circling overhead.HawkI told Mr. N not to worry. I would have no problem chasing them away. What were they thinking anyway?

And now Mom is off taking care of the Popstar, but we’ll be around to see everyone really soon.