Moving has been…well…interesting. And quite the adventure!

  • We sold our house–that was easy.
  • We bought a house–not so easy.

At least I think we have a new house. Mom says we do, but we’ve been living here, there and somewhere since we left Portland! Right now, we’re in a (sorta) Tiny House (that’s what Mom calls it) somewhere in Marin California. At least the kitties are now with us and we are surviving in 290 sq. ft. — about the size of a big crate, don’tcha think?

Meanwhile, I’ve enjoyed the wildlife. I wasn’t sure about those sheep, but we actually touched noses! Maybe that wasn’t what a herding dog should do, but I was trying to be neighborly. You have to do that when you move, or so they say….

On the other hand, those deer weren’t taking any chances!

I understand there’s a bunch of hiking trails nearby, so I think we’ll be checking some of them out soon. Meanwhile, here’s what I’ve found nearby:


Pretty militant, huh?


More my speed! ūüėÄ Too bad there wasn’t any water!

Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge

I know I haven’t been around much lately. I hope you are still my furiends. ūüôā

It’s been a long couple of months:

  • I watched Mom put lots of our stuff in boxes (not all, just a lot–I still had my kibble).
  • Then those boxes went in a huge, huge box…and they took it all away.
  • Then, I couldn’t be home for a few days (Pee Ess: Mom made sure we had some fun adventures).
  • Then she told me we sold our house for LOTS of $$$.
  • Then she told me we have no place to live.

WHAT????This is too scary!

It was time for an adventure.

Mom heard about a neat trail just a couple of miles away–one we’ve never explored–that meanders around the bottom of a cliff next to the Willamette River. It’s a wildlife refuge and really marshy, which meant I had to stay on my leash. That was OK…we were on an adventure!! DucksPart way along the trail, we walked past a local mortuary that had painted the entire outside to reflect the wildlife living below. Pretty cool, huh?

IMG_0357On the backside of our adventure, we walked a part of the Springwater Corridor that goes past an amusement park that’s been there since 1905 (we see this park a lot when we walk along the river on the other side). It even has a really old wooden skating rink!Oaks BottomBack on the trail, I found a lot of water. I was getting a bit thirsty, but Mom said this wasn’t water I could drink. And I know some of you don’t believe it, but I didn’t even get my belly wet! We were moving too fast–something about endorphins, I think. Marshy water

¬†We have 6 more weeks left in Portland and hopefully we can cram in a few more adventures. Soon we’ll have a whole new place to explore! IMG_0360The Popstar is so excited that we are going to live near her–she’s picked out lots of houses for us, but they don’t have that silly sign out front and don’t want our $$$.

What’s up with that?

As promised-My Boxing Day Adventure

Mom’s sis is visiting from Texas, so we took her along on my adventure. Or was that the other way around? Either way…we went. ūüôā

Our first stop was a cemetery—what was that all about??? Well, Mom & her sis’ great-grandparents are buried there and Mom was born on their great-grandmother’s birthday and her sis was born on their great-grandfather’s birthday. Weird, huh?Mom's GG-fatherThey packed me in the car and we took a looooong ride out the Columbia Gorge–sis had never been there. Our first stop was Multnomah Falls. There’s been so much rain that a second waterfall appeared.

I thought that was pretty cool!

And on we went–all the way out to Hood River (about 60 miles east of Portland). I took a nap.

Fortunately we didn’t run into any snow, although it was up there in the hills.

Once we got there, they left me in the car with a couple of dehydrated chicken hearts while they ate pizza. Doesn’t sound fair, does it? Hood River

But there was a really good end to my adventure.A romp at 1000 Acres A little foot wettingAnd I didn’t even have to get a bath!A treat? For me?Treat, please?

I Think I Like This Place!

Sometime before Turkey Day, and after¬†a looooong car ride, we got to the Popstar’s new home. You see, they moved a couple of months ago to Petaluma, a small town just north of San Francisco. I thought it was pretty nice, especially when we went for a walk.¬†20151122_154544

I got to see sheep

And chickens

 And more sheep!

I turned 6-years-old (for real, this time) and the Popstar and I had a¬†party, along with cake and more presents! She’s really good at telling me to sit. I wait, like I’ve been taught, but then she says “OK” and¬†it’s gone in a flash.

One day, she fell and hurt her head. I knew just what to do–we sat on the couch together and watched Ratatouille. I wonder if¬†mice are like squirrels? I was ready for action.20151126_092852

Mom found a little dog park where I could go run–it sure wasn’t 1000 Acres–but it worked.

I told Mom we should move to this place, and do you know what she said??? We are!! Probably in a few months.

I was soooooo happy!!!

Party Hats? REALLY??

Mr. N and I decided to take over the entire¬†cat tree after our birthday celebration. Of course, you all know fully well the condo is MINE–I staked my legal claim many years ago. The cats granted¬†Mr. N a temporary resident permit to the penthouse¬†with the¬†stipulation that we suffer the indignity of wearing party hats.

Those cats don’t know it yet, but their¬†day is coming……

We did our posing duties without complaint–even with a fresh bag of treats right at my paw-tips.¬†20151117_125146I intently stared at that treat bag, hoping it would magically open. All the while, Mr. N sat patiently waiting…


Is it time?

and then, the unthinkable happened. 20151117_125238

I think some call it a ‘wardrobe malfunction’.

It was worth it in the end–those treats were mighty tasty!

News Flash:¬†The birthday celebration is not going to end (at least for me). The¬†Popstar told me we were going to have another party at her house next week! So, you’d better check back.¬†

Who’s Ready for Stuffing?

It all started when I heard Mr. N was coming over for our joint birthday party. Mom was busy in the kitchen making pupcakes.Birthday Cupcakes

The smell alone was driving me crazy. Anticipation was building..

There was a knock on the door and there he was–let the party begin!

¬†Let me tell you, it didn’t take long to¬†made short work of those pupcakes.

So, what’s all this about ‘stuffing’?¬†

Or, maybe it really should be called ‘de-stuffing’.

Note from Mom: No stuffing was harmed in the process–it quickly found a new home in the trash.¬†

May I Help You?

I thought I’d interview for a job opening at the pet store. I think they need a greeter and food tester. I think I’d really be good at it!
Sage at the pet store

I just hope I don’t get fired before I even start for eating too many treats! ūüėŹ