That Bowl has Water in It!

Today, I started out racing and chasing anything I could find. Around and around the yard; back in the house; chase a cat; back outside; SLAM–I hit the back door. Oops. Toby was cheering me on! I think I was a little crazy! I guess that hyper-button got stuck again……

Finally I laid down in the kitchen near my water bowl where it was nice and cool and wet. Really wet. Really, REALLY wet.

Mom said “Sage, what have you done?” I dunno, what did I do? I got up and walked around, looking to see what I did. Boy, that floor was wet–I was dripping! And now there were a lot of muddy footprints on the floor. They kinda looked like mine.

This is after Mom cleaned it up.

I think I somehow got a LOT of water out of that bowl where Toby and I drink. I’m not sure how I did it, but remember I was a little crazy. Dad said I probably had a mouth full of water and squirted it out (like when I was a fountain). Mom thinks I started digging in the bowl because I do that sometimes.

Mom and I cleaned it all up. She said I was a BIG help!! I love to be a helper.

I got to go to the park later so I could race and chase some more!!

Now, I’m taking a nap.

It’s fun being a puppy.


This is me--my 1st trip to a fenced dog park. I was 5-months old!

It rains here a lot in the spring and that’s when I was ready to go, go, go. All my life–that’s forever, you know– I’ve been tethered to a leash while Toby and everyone else (I mean EVERYONE ELSE) could run free. Mom got on her computer (she loves it) and found ALL the dog parks with a fence. I think we went to a lot of them and I got to play without a leash, but I couldn’t go to some that didn’t have a fence. That was OK for a while, but I knew there was more out there. But, not too long ago, I finally convinced them I could do it. I didn’t think it would ever come! Here’s what happened:

Mom and Dad took me to school to learn stuff (and get treats, remember?). They told the teacher I got “distracted” and wouldn’t listen. Now, what the heck does that mean. I just love to run and play! I hear them–I’m not deaf! Teacher came up with a plan we all could live with–string cheese! And who benefits? ME!

This is me with Toby, Toby II, Macy and my MOM (I'm the littlest dog)

We practiced and practiced. This was a pretty good deal. They said “COME” and I got cheese. Toby did to. Then we were ready for the big day. Mom took me to Woodstock Park near our house. There were lots of dogs and no fence! And think I did pretty good, but Mom said I needed more practice. So we practiced some more.

Mom and Dad took me to this HUGE park–it’s called Sandy River Delta park, but most folks call it 1000 acres dog park. It’s really 1400 acres, but who’s counting? My best friend Toby II also went–along with his Mom, Janice, and Macy (Macy is Toby II’s big sister). Well, we got there and started down a path and what do you know? Suddenly I was free! No leash! This was the best!

Mom says there’s a whole lot more to this park and we would go there lots! I can’t wait!!


My Hyper-Button

Dad says I have a hyper-button that gets stuck on “on” sometimes. It’s not all the time, just sometimes. When I feel that way, I often go out in our back yard and race. Toby helps me. When I was littler, he would chase after me. That was fun! Then he told me he has a better plan. He will stand on the deck and bark as I run. When he stops, I stop. I have to look really hard at him so he will start again. Mom comes out and says “quiet”. But she lets me run like that–she says it gets rid of some of my energy.

Sometimes I get really excited in the house and forget what I learned. Like when the cats come out at meal time and I bounce around and get them all hissing and swatting at me. That is FUN!

Mom says “uh-uh”. I KNOW that means I shouldn’t do something. But when my hyper-button is pushed, I forget to listen.

Then Mom or Dad says “time out”. Oops, now I’m paying attention. It means I have to go to my crate for a while. It’s not so bad though. Mom or Dad opens the crate door after 1-2 minutes (that’s what they say–I think it’s forever). And I feel calm again. Until the next time.

Walking, Walking, Walking

I love to go on walks and we go on LOTS. Mom says I’m a high-energy dog and need A LOT of exercise. She walks really fast and I like that. When my Dad goes, we have to slow it down, but that’s OK too. Toby, my brother, has lost 10 pounds since I started living here. He’s a lot older than I am (11-years old) and likes to sleep a lot. He told me we didn’t go for a lot of long walks before I came because Maggie was sick–he told me Maggie was a very pretty Aussie Border Collie mix. But, he loves walks too! I know.

Mom says leashes are good. There are all kinds of leashes out there, but I only know about a few. When I was a real little puppy, I had a leash on 24-7 (whatever that means). I had a great time chewing on that leash–I think I went through a couple of leashes during that period. After a while, I didn’t have to wear a leash ALL the time. I think that was about a month. That was good because I had a little more freedom. I don’t think they trusted me then–they were pretty smart about that.

I like to walk with my Mom and Dad. We go places that are fun. But I always have to have a leash on, well, almost always. Mom uses something called a Gentle Leader. I think it’s neat because I get a treat when she puts it on. She puts the treat inside the nose loop and there you go! I get a treat and then we go for a walk where I get more treats! It’s just so easy to get treats around here. I just have to do what they want!

Mom says I walk really well with her (and with my Dad when he takes me). Did I tell you I walk right beside her? She calls it heeling. She always has treats and pops one in my mouth ever so often. I never know when that’s going to happen, so I have to pay a lot of attention–focus is the name of this game. I love heeling!

When I was little, I loved to eat everything on the sidewalk or the grass or wherever. It was a lot of fun walking through the dandelions that had all the fly-away things. I would open my mouth and catch as many as I could. Mom said I was silly. Then I ate dried grass after someone had mowed. Mom said I was like a cow. Gee, do I have that many stomachs? I could eat a lot more! I learned a new word “leave it”. I guess I do pretty good now because we walk along and I don’t eat everything in sight anymore!!

I do love walks…..

Me, Afraid?

I think I’m pretty fearless, but there have been a few things that scare me. The very first time I remember feeling that way was when I was a little over 3-months old. Mom says it’s important to be exposed to as much as possible before I’m 6-months old (that’s what they all say….). We were out on one of our many daily walks around the neighborhood, when we heard a loud noise. Mom said it was a siren. Well, along comes this BIG red truck making lots of noise. We walked down the block and here was that truck. Mom said we’d wait there so I could look at this truck from across the street. So far, I wasn’t scared. Then, here comes another one and soon another one stops right beside me. These people got out of the truck with these funny clothes on and started pulling a long snake out of the truck. Now I was scared!

Mom was smart though; she took me across the street away from all those big trucks (by the way, one more came, but it didn’t park beside me). We stood there with some other people that thought I was being very brave. Mom gave me lots of treats. Maybe it wasn’t so bad after all. We didn’t stay long and went home to tell Dad what we had seen!!

Balloons scare me. I just don’t know what they are. We went to a parade a few weeks ago and there were these things floating in the air outside a store. That’s when I learned they were balloons. Mom gave me some treats and I looked at them for a while. They stayed away from me and I decided they weren’t too scary anymore.

There were a lot of new experiences at this parade, but I think the balloons were the scariest. A man next to us thought I was pretty darn cute though, so I decided to stay. I saw my friend Kuma (a Siberian Husky) riding in a car with his Dad. Kuma had sunglasses on and was watching out the window. I like Kuma and sometimes get to play with him.

Sometimes new things scare me–like the antlers. I just don’t know what they are, but now I LOVE antlers. Mom gets this big noisy thing out and starts moving it all over the floor. Toby barks at it, but I get up on the couch so it can’t get me. Mom says it’s a vacuum. I think it’s OK, but I’m still not too sure.

Last night we went to the park and I got to run and play. There were a LOT of dogs there! One dog was a little mean and scared me. I went to stand by Mom and Dad for a while. Mom gave me some string cheese (one of my favorite treats) and told me I could go play after a little while. I knew she was watching out for me! And the mean dog went away so I could run some more.

Mom also says I’m pretty fearless and I guess that’s true!

I am a fountain!

Have I told you I LOVE water? I love water more than I love digging. I have a lot of stories to tell you about water, but I just had to share this one with you. My Mom’s friend Janice has two dogs and one of them is my very best friend-his name is Toby (like my brother) and Mom calls him Toby II. He’s a Great Pyrenees mix and is SOOOO big, but he loves me and I love him. He’s my best friend, did I tell you that?

Janice said we could come over last night–I’ve never been in Janice’s yard. She has grass! And she has a wading pool she bought for her dogs, but I love water more than they do. I know.

Toby II and I played and played and played. Then I saw the water! My eyes lit up and I stepped in. Ahhhhhhhh

Mom thought I was pretty silly, but what are you going to do when you have a mouth full of water? I was a fountain!!

I sure hope I can go back and play at Janice’s again.

Digging, Part 2

Remember I said I liked to dig? Today, I was doing my very best to work on the hole where Mom says I can dig. I have dug up some really good things there, especially some landscape fabric that was under the dirt. Mom says she doesn’t want it there and who ever heard of putting landscape fabric under a lawn (once upon a time there was a little bit of grass in our back yard). Grass would be nice, but she says it doesn’t grow very well under the big tree. Mom did a lot of work to make the back yard look nice, so I’ve really tried to help her out.

Anyhow, I brought her this really long thing that was buried in the dirt. I thought it was a stick and was so proud of what I had done, but Mom said no, it wasn’t a stick, it was her edging. Oh, boy! I wonder if she will bury it again so I can dig it up again. This could be a fun game.