Cats–What do I do with them?

When I came to this family, there were two cats living here–Thailing and Mystic. I have been trying and trying to get them to play, but I guess they just don’t get the concept. Mom keeps telling me I have to be “gentle”–what does that mean?  I want to be friends and I just can’t understand why we can’t race and wrestle like I do with all my other friends. Mom says they are “cats”. What the heck does that mean? They can’t run and wrestle? They hiss and swat? Geeeez

Here’s what’s happened:

I happen to be a rambunctious dog (well, puppy still). They say they are older and sedate. Running, playing and wrestling is NOT a cat thing at this age. Well, la te da.

I keep trying. The one called Mystic stayed downstairs for a whole month after I first came to this house–maybe more. Dad says I have to be “nice” to Mystic–what does that mean? She’s his cat–well, I’m his dog!

Thailing (the other one) MIGHT be my friend, but she’s not too sure.

I think I may be making some progress with this “friends” thing. Every day, we work on it–well, I do; the cats are not so sure. I get really excited to see them and jump all around them. My tail wags, doesn’t that mean something-it does to my dog friends. I guess tail wagging for cats means something else……

Thailing thinks I scare Mystic. When I’m trying to play with Mystic, she makes this awful cat noise and then Thailing comes over; gets between us and swats me. What’s up with that?

One day, not too long ago, Mystic rubbed on me. I stuck my nose on her and she hissed at me! Darn, I thought I’d done something right.

Mom and Dad say I have to be patient–they tell the cats that also. That I will get older and not as rambunctious. Yeah, right.

Here I am with Mystic! I think she secretly likes me.

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