Before I was 4 months old, my family took me to a new place where I was suppose to learn stuff. It was a pretty neat place because there were three other dogs my age and I got tons of treats–I love treats. And we got to play! And my Mom & Dad got to learn stuff–oh, was I suppose to learn it too? I sorta paid attention, but when they gave me all those really good treats, I decided maybe there’s something to this learning stuff business.

By this time, I was buds with Toby and he said he’d help me with some of this homework I have to do. All this sitting and downing stuff. I have to sit before they feed me. I have to sit before I go out. I guess it’s OK as long as the treats keep coming. And I get to go back to class and play!!

I graduated from that class and was pretty proud! I had new friends and did what my Mom and Dad asked. But they said that wasn’t the end of it. I had to go back to school to learn some more stuff.

But in-between, I got to go on long walks and learn about the back yard. There are lots of sticks around–they keep falling out of the sky from this tree. So, I guess I need to help Mom clean them up by chewing on them.

Well, soon I was back in school. This time, I met a new bunch of friends. They were older than me, but that’s OK–I learned how to play from Toby. Boy, this time I got to eat some really good stuff–something called hotdogs. And all I had to do was run to Mom or Dad when they said Sage, NOW. And they fed me and fed me–I thought I was in heaven. Now is a good word.

I also learned another word, which was “come”. For that I got cheese. Isn’t this the dogs life? Do a little something to make Mom & Dad happy and I get cheese AND hotdogs! And Mom takes me for walks every day and I love walking right next to her. She pops a treat in my mouth a lot. None of that pulling and walking way ahead for me–I’d miss the treats! We also worked on walking in class and my teacher said I did very good. She was very proud of me. That makes me happy.

I don’t go to school any more, but I heard Mom and Dad talking about a new class coming up. I wonder what that will be?

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