Digging, Part 2

Remember I said I liked to dig? Today, I was doing my very best to work on the hole where Mom says I can dig. I have dug up some really good things there, especially some landscape fabric that was under the dirt. Mom says she doesn’t want it there and who ever heard of putting landscape fabric under a lawn (once upon a time there was a little bit of grass in our back yard). Grass would be nice, but she says it doesn’t grow very well under the big tree. Mom did a lot of work to make the back yard look nice, so I’ve really tried to help her out.

Anyhow, I brought her this really long thing that was buried in the dirt. I thought it was a stick and was so proud of what I had done, but Mom said no, it wasn’t a stick, it was her edging. Oh, boy! I wonder if she will bury it again so I can dig it up again. This could be a fun game.

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