Mom’s Bluetooth

I like to chew on things–Mom says that’s because I’m still a puppy. One day, not long ago, I got my Mom’s bluetooth off the end table. I don’t usually chew on Mom or Dad’s things, but this looked particularly interesting. I was doing a pretty good job of taking it apart (isn’t that what you’re suppose to do), when Mom saw me. She said: “Sage, what have you done?” I knew from the tone of her voice that this wasn’t going to be good.

Mom came over and I played “keep away” again. I like that game. She’s pretty smart though and had a treat in her hand. That bluetooth really didn’t taste as good as a treat, so I gave it to her. I was really proud though–there were 5 little pieces that she could use!

Mom and Dad said they had to go get another bluetooth. Mom told me that it’s the law in Oregon–whatever that means.

2 thoughts on “Mom’s Bluetooth

  1. Hi Sage,

    This is Opie. I don’t know what a blue tooth is, but my mom’s new sandals really taste good. They are this really nice soft leather but hard in all the right spots. Mom didn’t give me a treat, but she gave me my squeaky bone instead. I think I like Mom’s shoes ’cause they smell and taste like her. Did the blue tooth thing taste like your mom? I like my squeaky bone, though. It’s chewy and squeaky too! I can’t seem to find the sandles anymore. My mom put them in a little room that I can’t seem to get into. I think there must be lots of cool things in there.

    I get to go on another walk soon. Smell you later! šŸ™‚


  2. Hi Opie!

    I hope you had a great walk. We are going on one in just a little bit. I too love shoes, but I haven’t tried sandals yet. Actually, I think I’m totally over the whole shoe thing. My Mom has been leaving them around and I haven’t chewed on one in a long time! There are better things–like the bluetooth. Electronics have all these neat parts…..


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