Walking, Walking, Walking

I love to go on walks and we go on LOTS. Mom says I’m a high-energy dog and need A LOT of exercise. She walks really fast and I like that. When my Dad goes, we have to slow it down, but that’s OK too. Toby, my brother, has lost 10 pounds since I started living here. He’s a lot older than I am (11-years old) and likes to sleep a lot. He told me we didn’t go for a lot of long walks before I came because Maggie was sick–he told me Maggie was a very pretty Aussie Border Collie mix. But, he loves walks too! I know.

Mom says leashes are good. There are all kinds of leashes out there, but I only know about a few. When I was a real little puppy, I had a leash on 24-7 (whatever that means). I had a great time chewing on that leash–I think I went through a couple of leashes during that period. After a while, I didn’t have to wear a leash ALL the time. I think that was about a month. That was good because I had a little more freedom. I don’t think they trusted me then–they were pretty smart about that.

I like to walk with my Mom and Dad. We go places that are fun. But I always have to have a leash on, well, almost always. Mom uses something called a Gentle Leader. I think it’s neat because I get a treat when she puts it on. She puts the treat inside the nose loop and there you go! I get a treat and then we go for a walk where I get more treats! It’s just so easy to get treats around here. I just have to do what they want!

Mom says I walk really well with her (and with my Dad when he takes me). Did I tell you I walk right beside her? She calls it heeling. She always has treats and pops one in my mouth ever so often. I never know when that’s going to happen, so I have to pay a lot of attention–focus is the name of this game. I love heeling!

When I was little, I loved to eat everything on the sidewalk or the grass or wherever. It was a lot of fun walking through the dandelions that had all the fly-away things. I would open my mouth and catch as many as I could. Mom said I was silly. Then I ate dried grass after someone had mowed. Mom said I was like a cow. Gee, do I have that many stomachs? I could eat a lot more! I learned a new word “leave it”. I guess I do pretty good now because we walk along and I don’t eat everything in sight anymore!!

I do love walks…..

2 thoughts on “Walking, Walking, Walking

  1. Hi Sage,

    I like going on walks too! I go with my mom and dad and the boys. I have to say that I think I like going with my dad best. He walks a lot so we get to go really far. But, he doesn’t let me get away with much. I like going with my boys too, but they seem to bicker a little about how they should be walking me. I tend to take advantage of my younger boy. I know it’s naughty, but I love to smell stuff.

    My mom went online and looked at the Gentle leader thing. I think she might try it on me if I don’t improve. I have tummy troubles and I think she thinks that I keep eating things when nobody is looking. I’m not telling.

    Well, I’m sleepy. “Smell you later!”

    Your friend,



  2. I like the Gentle Leader thing, but it takes a little while to get used to it. Tell your Mom and Dad it’s not too bad. Toby didn’t like it very much for a while, but he got used to it. He used to pull a LOT and now he doesn’t.


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