My Hyper-Button

Dad says I have a hyper-button that gets stuck on “on” sometimes. It’s not all the time, just sometimes. When I feel that way, I often go out in our back yard and race. Toby helps me. When I was littler, he would chase after me. That was fun! Then he told me he has a better plan. He will stand on the deck and bark as I run. When he stops, I stop. I have to look really hard at him so he will start again. Mom comes out and says “quiet”. But she lets me run like that–she says it gets rid of some of my energy.

Sometimes I get really excited in the house and forget what I learned. Like when the cats come out at meal time and I bounce around and get them all hissing and swatting at me. That is FUN!

Mom says “uh-uh”. I KNOW that means I shouldn’t do something. But when my hyper-button is pushed, I forget to listen.

Then Mom or Dad says “time out”. Oops, now I’m paying attention. It means I have to go to my crate for a while. It’s not so bad though. Mom or Dad opens the crate door after 1-2 minutes (that’s what they say–I think it’s forever). And I feel calm again. Until the next time.

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