This is me--my 1st trip to a fenced dog park. I was 5-months old!

It rains here a lot in the spring and that’s when I was ready to go, go, go. All my life–that’s forever, you know– I’ve been tethered to a leash while Toby and everyone else (I mean EVERYONE ELSE) could run free. Mom got on her computer (she loves it) and found ALL the dog parks with a fence. I think we went to a lot of them and I got to play without a leash, but I couldn’t go to some that didn’t have a fence. That was OK for a while, but I knew there was more out there. But, not too long ago, I finally convinced them I could do it. I didn’t think it would ever come! Here’s what happened:

Mom and Dad took me to school to learn stuff (and get treats, remember?). They told the teacher I got “distracted” and wouldn’t listen. Now, what the heck does that mean. I just love to run and play! I hear them–I’m not deaf! Teacher came up with a plan we all could live with–string cheese! And who benefits? ME!

This is me with Toby, Toby II, Macy and my MOM (I'm the littlest dog)

We practiced and practiced. This was a pretty good deal. They said “COME” and I got cheese. Toby did to. Then we were ready for the big day. Mom took me to Woodstock Park near our house. There were lots of dogs and no fence! And think I did pretty good, but Mom said I needed more practice. So we practiced some more.

Mom and Dad took me to this HUGE park–it’s called Sandy River Delta park, but most folks call it 1000 acres dog park. It’s really 1400 acres, but who’s counting? My best friend Toby II also went–along with his Mom, Janice, and Macy (Macy is Toby II’s big sister). Well, we got there and started down a path and what do you know? Suddenly I was free! No leash! This was the best!

Mom says there’s a whole lot more to this park and we would go there lots! I can’t wait!!


One thought on “Freedom!!!

  1. Dear Sage,

    That park sounds like lots of fun! We have park here. I love to go. There are lots of dogs my size in the park. The bigger guys are separated from us. I’m not the biggest guy on my side of the park, but I’m not the smallest either. Some people have given us lots of balls to play with at the park. I don’t really know how to play that “fetch” game very well. Why should I go get it when Mom just threw it away? Did she throw it because it’s not good? I don’t get it. I have a friend who loves this game. He can play it all the time. When he plays, I just chase him. He’s so fast he can jump right over me!

    I love the park! Dad says that I need to improve my “socialization”– whatever that is. All I know is that it’s fun and there are lots of other dogs there that like to sniff me and I like to sniff them too!

    Wish you could come and play with me there!

    Smell you later.

    Your friend,



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