Goin’ to the River

I think it’s about time I told you more about my love of water. I’ve been building up to it, but you don’t really know, do you?

A few weeks ago, we went back to the 1000 acre dog park (Sandy River Delta Park) with my best friend Toby II. There are soooo many trails out there, I could get lost really easy, but I knew “come” and Mom and Dad had my favorite “come” treat–cheese. Toby II and I were having such a good time.

Heading for the water

I heard Mom tell her friend Janice that she didn’t know what I would think about water. Well, to tell the truth, neither did I, because that was before I was a fountain. We walked and walked (or should I say, they did–I ran and ran). All of a sudden there it was!! Water!!!

That's me!

I LOVE it; I LOVE it; I LOVE it!! Dad said I looked like a dolphin, because I was bouncing in the water. That’s pretty silly, I’m NOT a fish, but I guess dolphin aren’t either (or so they say).

Toby II liked the water also, but my Toby didn’t. Neither did Macy (Toby II’s older sister). That’s OK. All the more for me!

I'm faster than Toby II

Do you want to know what else I did? I SWAM! It was so easy. I bet everyone can do it. Here’s what happened:

See me? I'm swimming!

There was a man throwing a ball WAY out in the river for his dog. I love to go after balls, so I thought that was a good game. Next time, I went too. The water was deep–I couldn’t stand up. So, I swam. Easy as that.

I also raced on the beach. There was a lot of sand! In and out and around and down I went. Pshew, I was getting tired.

When we got home, guess what Mom and Dad did? They gave me a BATH. More water, but it wasn’t as much fun. I loved the river! When are we going back?

5 thoughts on “Goin’ to the River

  1. Kuma thinks water is pretty fun too – maybe my Mom and Dad will get me another pool so we can both play in it together. You can show me how to be a fountain too!


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