I have a lot of friends–I mean a LOT. I don’t get to play with them as much as Toby II (you know about him, right? I love Toby II), but they are still my friends. Mom says I should be well socialized. She says it’s an important part of my development and having friends is REALLY important. Whatever—I just think it’s fun. I should tell you about a few of them so you know.

I have a lot of friends from school. School was FUN. I met one yesterday at the dog park. I hadn’t seen him in a loooong time but we knew each other right away. His name is Zack and he’s a red heeler. Boy, does he like my heels–sometimes he goes under my tummy to get them. I guess that’s why Mom calls him a heeler. Zack is fun. We like to wrestle.

I met another dog at that park named Lanolin. He’s a catahoula–I bet you don’t know what that is? When we are there at the same time, we spend a lot of time together. One day, my Mom called him Linoleum. Isn’t that funny?

Oz in the Sandy

Oz lives a couple of blocks from where I live. He’s another red heeler–what’s up with this heeler business? Sometimes we go by his house and he’s outside so we can play. He has a BIG wading pool and one time I got to play in it. Ahhhhh, that was so much fun! That was before I was a fountain.

One time Oz went to the Sandy River with us. He likes the water too, but not as much as me. Did you know that? I told you…….

Remember the story about Kuma? He was in the parade. He’s a Siberian Husky that lives not too far from me. Mom and Dad take me over to play with him–he has a big yard. We run and run around the yard. Kuma has bones in his yard–I wish I had bones in my yard. He let me chew on one and I let him chew on it. We shared! Sharing is fun. Mom says not all dogs would share their bones–she said Kuma and I were good dogs. I like that!

Mom says we have play dates. I hope we have one of those play dates soon. I love Kuma!

And there’s Carter and Gobi and a whole lot more. I could go on and on, but I guess I need a nap……

4 thoughts on “Friends

  1. Hi Sage,

    I wish I lived near you. Maybe we could play! I have some friends, too. Chewy lives around the corner from me. We meet on our morning walks. I have some friends at the dog park too. I don’t remember their names, though. Chewy is some kind of poodleish dog. He has my old name. My old owners named me Chewy, but the rescue people named me Opie. I like my new name better.

    I also have a friend named Wednesday. I can’t meet her until I stop barking at her Daddy. He has a beard and that scares me. I just got over barking at my own Daddy. I’d love to play with Wednesday. She’s a terrier like me.

    I hear a squeaky toy. Gotta go!

    Your friend,



    • Oh, Opie! I know I would love you! It’s fun having lots of friends. It sounds like your Mom and Dad are doing all the right things!


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