Ugh–I Failed Recall

Who said? I think I do pretty darn well at “come”, but I think I must have a limit. The other night, I found it. But, to be fair, on a scale of 1 to 10, this was a 10 in the distraction list. It was MORE than a ten, if you really want to know. Let me tell you what happened.

We went to the local park where I ran and played with a whole lot of dogs. Every time Mom called me, I came. Somebody even told Mom how good I was doing. Well, a little dog came–he was a new arrival–so Toby and I went to greet him. He got all scared and stuff and ran down to the street. Of course, I went too, and I sorta came when called. What did this little dog do next? He ran back down there and so did I. Mom was right behind me.

THEN, I saw this chocolate lab that I had been playing ball with. He lives across the street, so I went over to see him. Mom was still right behind me, but I was faster and wasn’t listening anymore. And this boy who lives with lab tried to catch me. Well, I showed them! I wasn’t going to be caught. I ran into their back yard, out and around and back in again, out and around and back in again. Mom heard the man say: “Don’t let that dog get in the pool!” Then I saw it–WATER!! Of course I jumped in, you know how much I love water. But Mom pulled me out right away. I didn’t even get to show her how well I can swim…….

I don’t think Mom was real happy. She made me go home and I heard her talking about me to Dad. She said I needed more training and it wasn’t my fault. IT WAS THEIRS!! Ha, I knew it. Not my fault–told you so.

Uh-oh, she brought out the big guns and called my trainer–his name is Doug and he knows ALL about dogs.  I guess this was serious–I was just having a little fun.

He told her it sounded like the “perfect storm” of distractions and that will happen. We just need to keep working on my recall (whoopee, I know what that means: treats!). He had several suggestions and they all sounded like it meant I was going to have more fun! Isn’t that what it’s all about?

* Mom and Dad can get a wading pool and say “come” and give me a treat and then let me go back in the water. And then do it all over again. What’s wrong with that?

* Doug said he can come to 1000 acres with us and help Mom and Dad teach me that I have to stay with them when we get close to the river. That’s because I run ahead before we get there. I know where I’m going–why do I have to wait? He said to put me on a long lead when we get close (that really long one?) and I’ll learn who’s boss. Shoot, I thought I was, but Mom says NO!  How about sometimes? She still said NO! She said we’ll go out there this weekend and let Doug know how I do.  YAY–the river!! I’m ready–let’s go.

* He also thought I’d learn that the surf was scary–that’s the ocean, right? Well, take me back! I’ll see about that. I heard them say I’m just a dog and I do dog things. And I’m young.


One thought on “Ugh–I Failed Recall

  1. Dear Sage,

    I come when called some of the time. Sometimes what I’m smelling or doing is too interesting to stop. They can see me so why should I come?

    I have a trainer too. I’ve never met him. I’ll see him for the first time on Sunday. I look forward to the treats. I’ve had a bad tummy for a while, so nobody’s been giving me treats. I’ve been getting lots of love, though. I think I like the treats a little better.

    See you soon. I feel sleepy.

    Smelll you later,

    Your friend Opie


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