Acorns are GOOOOOD

We have this HUGE tree in our back yard. It is so big that it covers all of our back yard. It is so big that it goes all the way up to the top of the sky! Mom says it’s an oak tree. I say it’s big. Bigger than me!

These fuzzy-tailed rats run around all over my tree. Mom calls them squirrels. I think they are fun to chase and Toby taught me how. I hear them calling us and we go racing out! They don’t let me get close, like our kitties do. They just run up the tree and chatter and chatter. Mom says they are scolding me for chasing them. Whatever…..

Well, these things fall out of the tree–I asked Mom what they were and she said they were acorns. I think the squirrels are throwing them at me. They think it’s fun and so do I. Sometimes I only find part of an acorn–how dare those squirrels eat my acorns? They should be all MINE. I’ll just have to chase them harder, I guess. Then they’ll throw more at me!!

When Mom sees me eating an acorn, she says “DROP IT”. When I do, I get a treat! Sometimes I don’t want to “DROP IT”, but I do because I like that treat better.

Mom said acorns aren’t good for me–they could be toxic. Toxic? What’s this toxic business? I don’t even know what that means. Mom says it means acorns can make me sick. Me? Sick? I don’t get sick. You should see all the stuff I eat! Mom says I have a cast iron stomach. I do! So how could they be toxic?

Yesterday, Mom said “let’s go out in the back yard”. I saw a fresh new acorn on the deck! YEOW! This acorn tasted funny. ICK! BLEH! I sure didn’t want to eat that. It didn’t even taste like an acorn.

What happened? Well, Mom had a secret. She got this stuff called Bitter Apple and she sprayed it on some acorns. And then she put them outside so I could try and eat some. Is she crazy? She RUINED them!!

See that acorn? It tastes funny.

What did she do????

This smells funny

This Bitter Apple stuff is NASTY, but they can’t all taste that bad. I know. I’ve been eating them for a while. Remember?

I bet I can outsmart her! My nose is better than her eyesight. I can find an acorn ANYWHERE! Aha, there’s one. Eewww, it tastes bad too. I’m not going to give up on this, let me tell you! Mom said she wasn’t either….

2 thoughts on “Acorns are GOOOOOD

  1. Hi Sage,

    We don’t have acorns, but we do have ficus tree berries and loquats. The berries taste nasty. My mom opened my mouth and took one out, but I was going to spit it out anyway.

    I’m glad my mom doesn’t have that bitter apple stuff. She has something else. It’s nasty too, but it wears off fast. Ha! Ha!

    A few days ago I knocked over Michael’s pioneer house diarama. I was home alone and I get into trouble sometimes. It was up high, but I was just trying to see Mommy and Daddy from the window and I knocked it down. Anyway, Michael had put it together with popsicle sticks and some clay and some rocks and things. There was even a toy horse. Michael is not happy with me right now. I’m trying to lick his toes, but he’s mad at me. I can tell. Mom’s not happy because she thinks I ate some of the blue clay.

    I did, but it didn’t seem to hurt my tummy.

    She’s sprayed more of that stuff on things that are above my head now. She says it’s hard to tell where I’ll leap to next.

    Gotta go. Michael has my leash. I think he’s forgiven me.

    Bye Sage!



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