We’ve got a critter in the yard!

Toby told me there’s something living under the corner of our deck–he said it was there last year too. He showed me where and everyday we go sniff to see if it’s back. Mom put some dirt in the holes going under the deck–she said she wanted to see if the dirt got moved. Well, it did! It moved! Wow, Toby and I were right. Aren’t we smart?

The other day I brought Mom a stick–it was green and smelled good. Mom said it wasn’t a stick–it was broccoli. Broccoli? Isn’t that something you eat? Toby LOVES it and so do I. But, what was it doing out in my yard?

See that black stuff? It's compost.

Mom has a compost bin where they put vegetable stuff. She said the only problem was that it didn’t have a bottom. Oops. She puts LOTS of stuff in there and now it was all black. I call that stuff dirt–Mom calls it compost. It looks like dirt! Mom said it was good for her garden. I wonder if it will be as good as the steer manure she put in there when I was a little puppy?

Ha, I bet you can guess what happened? The critter had dug a hole underneath the bin and was pulling out this black dirt and some good things like the broccoli stick. Mom and Dad weren’t too happy because it was a big mess. And I didn’t do it! Pshew–for once.

That's Mom's sifter. It's neat!

Today, Mom started cleaning it up-she said it had to be done. She has a neat dirt and rock sifter that Dad made for her last year that she uses for getting the dirt out of the rocks. Or, does she get the rocks out of the dirt? Whatever… That was because there are a lot of little rocks in and around the compost bin and they were all mixed up in the stuff the critter pulled out.

Dad looked at the hole and thought the critter wasn’t very big–maybe a RAT. He went to the store and got a Live Animal Cage Trap that was big enough to catch critters that size. They were going to put it out there tonight and see what happened.

It's empty now, but maybe not tomorrow!

Mom said she has to fix the compost bin so the critter can’t get in again-or another one if they catch this one tonight! They have some big blocks they are going to put around it tonight and tomorrow they are going to try to move the bin onto a tarp. Mom said she was going to get a new one–one that critters can’t get into.

So, I’ll let you know what happened. Are you excited? I am!!!

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