Those crows keep yelling at me

I went out this morning and guess what! We have another rat. But that’s old news, right? Mom can deal with it…

What was more exciting was this bird that was on the ground and hopping around. I told it go fly up into the tree, but it didn’t. It went over by the side of the house. I tried to help it, but it just couldn’t fly. Mom ran out and saw what was happening: she said it was a fledgling and maybe just can’t fly yet. Huh, what’s a fledgling????? That sounds pretty weird to me, but Mom explained that it was just a young bird that recently acquired it’s flight feathers but still didn’t know how to fly. Hmmmm. Do I have any of those flight feather things? Maybe I can fly!

Mom and Dad Crow were yelling at me to STAY AWAY. They were the boss–not me or my Mom. They were taking care of their baby. Well, I’m a baby too–or am I a fledgling? They were yelling at Mom too. Mom made me come in right away and I’ve had to stay almost all day. That’s no fun.

Mom and I went out later and the bird had gone into the garden and was hiding under the parsley. Did it think I couldn’t find it? My nose is better than that! That bird is pretty big–I wonder why it won’t fly away? Then it went over to the other side of the yard. Mom knew where it was because Mom and Dad Crow were in the tree right above it. They were good parents! They keep watching their baby to make sure it’s OK. Like my Mom and Dad do with me. Poor bird, I bet it’s scared. I hope it’s not hurt. Mom doesn’t think so.

There I am-looking at the crow

Later Mom went out and couldn’t find it, but she kept getting yelled at by Mom & Dad Crow. She finally found it on some plastic chairs that were tipped up against the fence. She said it was safe there so I took a look. Yep, it looks pretty safe. But it didn’t stay there. Mom says it keeps trying to fly, so she thinks it will in a day or so.

Mom called an exterminator for the rats and he took the one we caught away. He said it was a Norway rat. Why didn’t it just stay in Norway then? Mom and Dad get to set another rat trap tonight! Whoohoo. Maybe we’ll catch another one!

So, now I can’t go out in my yard until that baby crow (oops, Mom says fledgling) flies away. I guess that’s a good excuse to go to the park tomorrow! Especially since I can’t be outside in my own yard. Fly crow, fly!!!!

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