Mudpies and Pigpen

That's me! Laying in the mud drinking water

I love the mud. I love the water in the mud. I love dumping more water in the mud. Then I lay in it!! Then I run around some more. Mom said my middle name is Pigpen. At least it was today.

We went to Normandale Park today, one of my most favorite parks in the WHOLE world. Except for 1000 acres (Sandy River Delta park). That one has a river! No, it has two rivers. Really. But I haven’t been to the Columbia yet. And a muddy pond. See, I told you about that pond the other day! Remember?

Mom said I had to drink way up there so I couldn't make any more mud

Anyhow, Normandale doesn’t have a river or a pond. But it has water in bowls! Lots of bowls. And a water faucet where you can get more water. I love water…..

I played with a lot of dogs today. There’s always new dogs coming and then some leave. I always have someone to play with. We have so much fun wrestling and running.

That's Bernie. He's 4-months old and we had a good time playing

One dog jumped almost up into a tree and then he jumped over the big fence. His Dad said he does it all the time; runs around the track outside our play area and then comes back. I didn’t think I’d try it, especially after what I did a couple of days ago. (I ran out of my front door and across the street to Toby II’s house–remember?) Mom loves Normandale because it’s fenced and she doesn’t have to worry about me doing something crazy. Me, do something crazy? No, not me….

There are these big red bowls at Normandale. They are huge! Just the right size to put my feet in and dump over. Well, what did you expect? I was HOT. It wasn’t hot outside, but I was. I had been running and wrestling and I needed a river! So, I made my own. I dumped the water out of the bowl and then I laid down in it. I thought that was pretty smart, if I do say so myself! Some of the human people were having fun watching me! I didn’t care–I was HAPPY!!! Mom refilled the red bowl and put my feet in it. That was so nice! What a Mom!! She said I was going to have to have a bath when I got home. Ick–a bath…

Well, this was a bath like I’ve never had! She took me into the back yard, turned on the hose and washed me off. Dad held me because I thought I wasn’t going to like it, but it wasn’t too bad. Really.

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