A fork in the path

It’s going to be really hot this weekend in Portland, Oregon (that’s where I live) so Mom says “we are going to the river“. Yippee!! Yay!! I love the river!!

Toby and I loaded up (that means we got in the car)! We like to ride in the car because it means there’s going to be FUN. Toby II and Macy came too. I like it when Toby II comes because we explore together. Mom says “Sage, come” and I do! At least most of the time. If there’s something that’s new and exciting, I sometimes stay and sniff too long. Then Mom puts me back on the leash for a while.

See that Chuckit in the lab's mouth? I was helping him get it.

We got to the river and I was in lickity-split (that means fast). There were lots of dogs there already (because it’s going to be hot, remember?). Some of the dogs had something called a Chuckit. I want one! Please, please, please? I won’t chew it all up, promise! Mom says I can destroy a new toy in 5 minutes, but she has a special surprise that we can play with at home. She just won’t let me chew it all up. It’s like a Chuckit, but looks kinda like a squirrel (no, it’s not really a squirrel, silly). Mom says it’s a Huck Em. Mark and Veronica gave it to me–that’s Mom and Dad’s son and daughter-in-law. I like them–they give me great toys!

I pulled that branch out!

I helped clean some of the tree branches out of the side of the river. I like to help and I like sticks! I wonder if Mom will throw this one for me? I went way out in the river because a dog was out there chasing a stick. Oops, all of a sudden I couldn’t stand up! I don’t think I like this. But I’m smart–I know how to swim. I just don’t think I’ll go out there again. At least not today.

That's me going WAY out where that dog is. You can hardly see him, he's so far out.

My Toby even got in the water. He was playing with a chocolate lab.

Toby got in all the way up to his tummy!

This was a race! I won!!!

Then Toby II and I had a race. I say I won. He said he did. Whatever….

Do we have to go?

On our way back, Mom said “Is this the way we go?” I knew which way we usually go, but I wasn’t going to tell her. She said we’ll take the right fork. Fork? Where’s a fork? I don’t see one? Maybe it’s buried in the path–let me dig.

Well, I didn’t have the heart to tell her we usually go left. Oh, well. A new adventure! And it was. We saw 5 horses! Yes, I said 5. That’s a LOT. I’ve never seen a horse before. Mom had me on my leash so I just looked. It was OK, but they sure were BIG.

Then I found a campfire. There were some really interesting sniffs there and I sure wasn’t going to come when Mom called me. But some men said “Here they are” (that was Toby II and me). I wasn’t THAT far away. I knew where Mom was, but I got put on the leash again. There was a tent or something there. Mom said homeless people lived there. I guess a tent is not a home.

We walked and walked. Mom picked some blackberries, but she wouldn’t give me any. She said they might make me sick. We finally came to the road that leads into the Sandy River Delta park and got to the car and came home.

That was my adventure for today. Pretty good one, huh?

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