Party, Party, PARTY

That's me & Oz in the pool. His friend came too

I told you about Oz before, remember? He’s my friend! Oz lives a couple of blocks from us and we walk by his house a lot. When he’s outside, I get to play with him. One time he went with us to the river. He likes water too, but not as much as me!

I think they were waiting for me to start running again!

Oz is 1-year old now and had a birthday party last night–and I got to go! And you’ll never guess what he had? A pool! No, two pools!! And Oz’s friend also came. His friend is 1-year old too. I’m not. I’m not quite 9-months old.

We had so much fun running and wrestling. We ran all over Oz’s front yard, around and around and around. We were all a little crazy! And guess what? I never ran out into the street! Not once! And Oz lives on a corner so there are lots of streets.

It was a fun party. I like parties. I bet you do too!

I like water better than anyone!

2 thoughts on “Party, Party, PARTY

  1. We were discussing this amongst ourselves (meaning Ally, Dexter and I) this morning and wondering what you took as a gift for Oz? And where was Toby during all this partying? Hugs, Peeks


    • You know what? I took a nice stuffed bird to Oz for his birthday. We discussed who could destroy a stuffed toy faster–I told him I could probably beat him hands down (or would it be paws?). And Toby was there moderating. You don’t think he’d be left out! Toby had fun too


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