Take Advantage of Your Opportunities

And Toby did! You are probably wondering what happened now? Well, let me tell you.

Mom and Dad went “shopping”. When they do that, they put me in my crate; say “we’ll be back in a minute” (I guess we can’t tell time…..) and go out the front door.

Toby doesn’t go in a crate because Mom told me he was abused before he came to live with them, and is really, really afraid of crates. She tried for years to help him overcome that fear, but he wasn’t having any part of it. He told me he will NEVER NEVER NEVER go in a crate again. So, he stays in the house and I go in my crate. I like my crate because it’s my safe place.

Anyhow, they left, but Dad forgot to close the pantry door. OOPS. Actually, that’s a big OOPS. A huge OOPS. Toby has separation-anxiety and exhibits it by eating any food left out when they leave, no matter what it is–stuff like a bag of cough drops; a whole package of milk chocolate candy; a bag of flour (that wasn’t too good, he said); a loaf of bread. Mom said that’s probably part of his earlier abuse–he was starved when they rescued him and he hasn’t forgotten. Mom says he otherwise isn’t destructive, but sometimes things just happen. Like forgetting to close the pantry door.

He had such a good time that day–he chewed 2 knuckle bones (on the leather couch); ate about 5 large milk bones; AND, ate some of our treats that are in a treat jar. I told him he’d get a tummy ache, but he said he didn’t care. What I though was really bad was that he didn’t even share!

So, here I am! We had to go get more treats, right?

Let's go!

11 thoughts on “Take Advantage of Your Opportunities

    • Surprisingly, neither. The timing for Toby’s correction was long gone. We know he does this and have never been able to properly correct it (except by not leaving anything out) and Dad was contrite. So, what are you going to do??????? Dad hopes he never leaves it open again!


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