What’s that smell?

Mom and Dad went out the door yesterday and said they’d be back in a minute. I told you that’s what they do, remember? I got to take a long nap in my crate. Mom said it wasn’t THAT long–only 2-and-a-half hours. When they got home I was ready to go! My hyper-button was turned on even though we had gone to the dog park where I raced and raced and raced AND Mom took us for two walks. Mom says that happens because I’m still a puppy and have lots of energy.

This is my Toby--he's almost 11-years old!

Toby and I went out back and I raced and raced some more. He barks when I race–that means I have to run hard. Mom says he’s my cheerleader. He thought he’d run with me, but he tripped on something. Is he limping?? Oops. Mom said we had to come in because it was almost bed time. I still was a little crazy though. Until……..

Mom said there was blood on the rug. And on my Toby! I don’t like that smell–it’s scary. Mom and Dad made him lie down and were looking at him. I was too. Mom thought he’d cut his paw because he was limping. Nope, not there. How about his leg? Nope, not there either.

Mom got a little on her hand and so did Dad. I didn’t–that stuff didn’t smell right. Finally, Mom said “here it is“! Toby had scraped his chin. Mom said he’d be fine and they put something on it. And guess what? My hyper-button was no longer on!

I decided to sleep under Mom and Dad’s bed last night. It was hard to get under there–I could do it when I was littler. But I did it anyway because I was hoping that blood thing wouldn’t get me!

I didn’t care if Mom said he’d be fine. I’ll make that decision myself! I sniffed him and didn’t smell that awful stuff, so maybe Mom was right. But I’ll continue to make sure. Toby told me to go chew my elk antler.

So, I did.

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