Play Ball!!!

I’m helping Mom! She put these balls in her garden and I KNOW they are there for me to find! I got another one out this morning and brought it to her. I was very proud of myself! It even had a handle on it so Mom could throw it.

See what I brought you?

She said “Sage, those aren’t balls, they’re my onions!” Then she said “uh-uh“–that means you aren’t suppose to do this.

Mom told me onions aren’t good for dogs–they could make me sick. And she wouldn’t let me play with it.

But we did play with my Huck Em squirrel. It has a handle too, just like the onion. Well, sorta. And it was better that an onion any old day because I could bring it back and Mom would throw it again.

So see, I did get to play ball after all. Sometimes you just have to get inventive (but don’t tell Mom that).

4 thoughts on “Play Ball!!!

  1. Yes, onions can make dogs ded so no playing ball wif onions. But I gibs you an alternative suggestshun. My mom would plant pritty flowahs. As soon as she woz donned and wented inside to warsh her hands, I would yank the flowahs out. Mom would come back outside to find me dansing around the yard wif flowahs and roots in my mouf. Oh, can mom skreem rilly lowd! Fur some reason mom dussn’t plant flowahs any more.


  2. Hi, Shawnee! My Mom plants flowers too, but she puts them in pots. She did plant some lettuce when I was littler and I did just what you did! That was FUN, except Mom said “uh-uh” and then she put it back in her garden. I didn’t pull any more out–until I found those onion balls…..


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