This feels sooooooo good!

What do YOU do when you get hot at the dog park? Drink water? Lay down and pant? Mom says that’s what normal dogs do. I take it one step further–I find water and lay in it–it sure cools your tummy! I think that’s pretty smart, don’t you?

That's Skye with me in the puddle. Toby is going to check something out.

That’s what happened when we went to my favorite park–Normandale. Well, 1000 acres is really my favorite, but we don’t go there every day. Mom likes Normandale because it’s fully fenced and there’s LOTS of room to race and play. AND, there’s always lots of dogs to race and play with!

This time, Skye came. She could be my sister! She’s 9-months old (I’m almost 9-months old); she came from Madras (like me); and she has a lot of the same “markings” as I do. Except I have long hair. Her Mom thinks Skye came from a “puppy mill” roundup. That sounds scary–does that mean they grind puppies up? I don’t think I came from one of those things, but I can’t really remember.

There was a huge mud puddle where we drink water. It’s never this muddy except when it rains and it hasn’t done that in 2 months. Mom knew right away what I was going to do and I sure wasn’t going to disappoint her! But I waited until almost time to go home to go lay in it. Well, what did you expect? I was HOT.

Mom’s friends were all watching me and laughing. Mom was laughing too. A man tried to put some dry bark in the puddle, but I fooled him. I just laid down in the part that still had lots of muddy water. And I kinda wallowed in it. I guess that’s why Mom said my middle name is Pigpen.

I think that little dog wanted my spot.

Then we went home–I guess it’s a good thing Mom has a cover for our seat in the car.

3 thoughts on “This feels sooooooo good!

  1. Hi Sage,

    I don’t know about mud puddles yet, but I like mud. I love to push my nose right into it and when nobody’s looking I even eat some. I don’t know why I like it, but I do. Mom calls me mud dog!

    Smell you later,



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