Three-Quarter-Year Birthday

I looked like a little devil, didn't I?

This is me at 9-months old!

Today I’m 9-months old!! Mom says that’s like having a teenager all over again. Well, I do have lots of energy, eat a lot, do some things I’m told and listen when I want to.

Uh-oh, did I say that? Shhhhhh–don’t tell Mom.

It’s only when I’m super distracted. Honest.


Except I think she already knows all about me. She told me she’s on to teenagers, having raised two human ones. I guess that’s why I have to go to school.

6 thoughts on “Three-Quarter-Year Birthday

  1. Hi Sage, thanks for stopping by my blog! Sorry to hear you fell off the bed last night too, but at least your Mommy caught you. Riley’s Mommy laughed after it was all over with…how rude! It would have been hard to catch all 54 pounds of her though!! 🙂


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