River Fun

I love going to the river, but I bet you know that already. Mada (a Scottish Deerhound) was there and we had such a good time running and playing. She doesn’t like the water as much as I do, but that’s OK.

I thought I was pretty ferocious in this picture, but Mada was just checking to see if I had sand in my mouth.

Of course, I HAD to get totally wet again and what do all good dogs do when they are wet? Roll!!!!

I bet you can’t guess what I had when I got home?

7 thoughts on “River Fun

  1. I woz going to say if’n your mom is anything like my mom, you would has gotten a baf. Wot is it with them and hasing us dogs smell like flowahs and being all clean and stuffs? I mean, we is dogs wot is meant to roll in stuffs, rite?


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