My Favorite Toy

Mom says I must have indestructible toys because I can destroy one in record time. I do have some favorites though.

This is my elk antler. Actually, this is the 3rd one I’ve gone through. When Mom first got them for me, the smell scared me and I hid under the desk (my safe spot), but Toby, my brother dog, started chewing on his and I decided it was OK. So, I took his too. He didn’t like it anyway.

Next comes the ball. As you can see, the antler is still clutched between my paws!

I’m watching Mom to see if she will throw my ball. It’s a Chuckit and Mom hopes it’s going to last longer than a regular tennis ball. I can strip the green covering off those in no time!

I just joined the Anipal Photo Hunt blog hop. The theme this week is My Favorite Toy! Click on the Anipal picture below and scroll down to the post describing the blog hop. I hope you have fun with it!

4 thoughts on “My Favorite Toy

  1. I have an antler too! It’s yummy! Mama says it sounds like a bowling ball when I drop it on the floor. They all jump when I drop it. Do you fling yours? I fling mine. I like making Mom jump. Ha! She looks funny. LOL Aren’t Mama’s funny? Ha, Ha, Ha!

    Does your ball squeak?

    Smell you later, dude



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