Recall Class–Week 1

Actually it was week 2, because I wasn’t allowed to go last week. It was humans only. You do know they are the ones being trained, don’t you, and they need extra schooling? One extra week even! I guess that’s because I’m smarter than they are.

We had to stay on a leash and couldn’t even play or wrestle. I could in Puppy Kindergarten and Advanced Manners. Mom says that’s because I was being socialized in those classes. Whatever….

But we did play some fun games!

The Name Game. Mom or Dad said my name (it’s Sage, remember) and if I turned my head, I got a treat. Each time I got a treat, I heard a click. We did that lots!! It was fun and I got some really good treats.

The Movement Game. This was fun! Mom walked backwards and when she stopped, I stopped. She didn’t say anything to me, but she gave me the hand signal for SIT. I sat. Click. Treat. Then she walked sideways in a circle around the room. She’d stop. I stopped. Hand signal. Sit. Click. Treat. Pretty easy, huh?

Coming in the Door Game. We practiced coming in a door. When we got inside, Mom stopped, I sat. Click. Treat. That was sooooooo easy. Do you know why? Mom makes me sit when we walk and come to a street. The minute she stops walking, I sit. She doesn’t even have to say anything or give me a hand signal any more! Toby doesn’t sit, so she has to say “sit”. When he does, we both get treats. Oh, and don’t forget the “click”. So, I knew this game. And my teacher was impressed!

In fact, teacher (his name is Doug) wanted to know if I had been to the park? I guess that’s because I wasn’t crazy, like I am sometimes when I go there just to play. I had gone to the park, but had lots of time to rest before class. I just wanted to show him I could do these games. And I worked really hard at doing all the games correctly. It took lots of concentration!

I guess I worked too hard at it, because when I got home, I threw up all over Dad.

2 thoughts on “Recall Class–Week 1

  1. Wow you worked really hard! Poor Dad. I’ve thrown up too, but no on Mama or Daddy andy you’re a big girl aren’t you? Poor Sage, Poor Daddy! ( smlall doggy chuckle!)

    Feel better!



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