What Kind of Dog is She? Who, Me?

Everyone has asked that ever since I became part of this family. The shelter said I was an Aussie mix. Maybe. Other humans had all kinds of suggestions, like: Siberian Husky, German Shepherd, a variety of sight-hound (I was really skinny at one point) or some type of shepherd or collie.

Here are some clues:

I need LOTS of exercise–a walk or two just doesn’t cut it.

I get hyper-active when I’m bored (remember, Dad said I have a hyper button?).

I’m smart (well, I think so, don’t you?) and learn things really fast.

I like to herd and do “little dog” or “the stare” when a new dog approaches.

I love people and every dog I meet.

I love to play games like ball and bringing it back and figuring out how to get it out of hard places.

Sometimes I have a mind of my own, but Mom says she’s BOSS!

I have black and tan markings.

I LOVE water.

All that sounds like lots of different dog breeds, but I DON’T look like a Border Collie, Australian Shepherd or an Australian Cattle Dog (Heeler).

Mom and Dad thought DNA testing would tell us, but there are lots of them out there–some better than others. And these tests don’t include all breeds.

Then, one day at the park, someone said “Sage looks a lot like Skye”. OK, I’ll bite–who’s Skye? Well, one day Skye came and what do you know, I did! Except Skye’s hair was shorter. What was Skye, you ask? An Australian Kelpie. Then, another day, I played with another dog that looked like Skye and me. Again, an Australian Kelpie.

So, Mom got on the Internet (I told you she loves it, didn’t I?) and researched Kelpies. And guess what? I look like a Black and Tan Kelpie! Look at the pictures in the links. My hair is longer than Skye’s or the other dog’s, but Mom saw some pictures of some Kelpies with longer hair. And you know all those clues I told you about above? Go down the list and say check, check, check, check, check ’til you get to the end–the loving water part. That’s a GIANT check!!!

I’m probably not all Kelpie. But, that doesn’t matter to me! I act like one. I look like one. I’m a Kelpie! I guess that’s an Aussie mix after all. Right?

8 thoughts on “What Kind of Dog is She? Who, Me?

  1. You sure are good looking Sage. I really like your tail. I have a curvey tail. I hope mine will get bushy like yours, but if it doesn’t that’s okay. You look great, mostly though you are friendly and that’s good! I think you’d be my big friend if we met at the dog park. I’m a little fiesty, but I think we’d be okay. Do you get lots of brushes from your Mama. Your coat looks nice and shiny!

    Gotta run!

    Smell you later



  2. I bet we would have lots of fun. We play grab the neck when we wrestle at my dog park. It’s fun, but I sure end up dirty. Mom has to brush me when we get home–sometimes I have to have a bath.

    My Dad says I have a reverse mohawk on my tail! I think he’s silly.



  3. Oh, I git that all the time. “Is she a pure German Shepherd or a mix?” Mom just answers “She’s a shelter shepherd.” One man akshually thought that woz a real breed. Bottom line is, wot duss it matter? We is all individuals. A puppy mom once placed had the DNA testing done. It woz udderly ridiculuss! We knowed the mommy woz a pit bull and the daddy a shep mix coz mom seened them and had them spayed and neutered when she agreed to take the puppies and place them. Anyways, the DNA test commed back American Staffordshire Terrier/Dalmatian/Siberian Husky and is you reddy fur this? CHIHUAHUA! BOL, BOL, BOL!!! (Pee Ess – I did has an Australian Shepherd sis wot had almost your eggsact same markings but down ears.)


  4. So good to find out who you really are. We are “mostly” Huskies and Lab, but Mommy wonders sometimes what else is in the mix. We don’t care, we are who we are and Mommy and Daddy love us just the way we are!


  5. Well, you know, my Dad says I’m an Oregon Shelter Water Dog. I bet you can’t figure out why he thinks I’m that breed. He also says I’m an Armful of Cute. I think I really like that breed, especially when it means I get tummy rubs!


  6. Hey,
    You are the spitting image of my little girl Nita who is a Kelpie / Husky mix (tail is a dead giveaway).

    I bet you loooove chasing the waves down the beach


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