This is only one pile I made

Last night Mom, Toby and I went over to our friend Janice’s house–that’s where Toby II and Macy live. I don’t usually get to go to someone else’s  house, but Mom said Janice’s is pretty “dog-proof”. I wasn’t too sure what that meant, but I didn’t get told uh-uh too many times. Mom and Janice had a glass of wine while Toby II and I played. Then I explored and found a treasure trove of toys! Even kitty toys! That was fun–I pulled ALL of them out.

I think I need lessons

Then I saw she had a piano (that’s what Mom called it). I tried playing it, but all it did was make funny sounds. And I couldn’t read the music that was up there. Mom said I probably need lessons.

I decided to get back to the toys–that’s something I knew more about. I liked them all, but the squeaky ones are the best. I saw Mom watching me — she says I tear up squeaky toys, but I was being really good and I didn’t!

Janice had some really good treats–something called duck. And she gave some to all of us! I hope Mom or Dad get me some–they were good! I might even share. I was pretty excited and thought I should jump on Macy–she needed to have some fun too.

I haven’t told you much about Macy. She’s a black lab mix and is around 11-years old–like my Toby. She doesn’t like other dogs to get close to her Mommy (that would be Janice), but I didn’t care. And guess what! She let me. And she let me jump on her. And she even played with me. Janice couldn’t believe it!

After that, we had to go home, but Mom made me pick up all the toys I got out. She’s teaching me good manners. Maybe since I was so good, I can go back!

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