Urban Farming

I went visiting again! This time to my hu-brother’s house. He has a lot of interesting things in his yard.

See those blue boxes? There were all these flying things around them. They weren’t scary though. Mom said that’s where we get our honey.

I was more interested in these birds in the cage. Mom said those were chickens. They made funny noises.

I really wanted to play with them.

We did lots of stuff that day!

We pressed all these apples Mom and her son picked the other day. That’s my hu-sis’s husband cutting them up.

Then we ground the apples up in a garbage disposal. They wouldn’t let me help with that.

I got to watch the pressing part. That was a funny contraption they used.

It was really fun pressing apples. I hope I get some cider when it’s done!

6 thoughts on “Urban Farming

  1. I wish I could have some too. I’ve never had it but my mom says she now has a craving for it. She’s going to Trader Joe’s and buy some. She says it won’t be as good as yours. I don’t care. I want some. Do you think she’ll take me with her into the store… oh no.. she’s leaving. ..Mama!!!! Oh well. I’m gonna go surf web now, Sage.
    Smell you later,

    Your friend Opie


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