Adopt a Less-Adoptable Pet-Frodo

Look at this sweety:

How can you resist him. His name is Frodo and here’s what the shelter says:

If you’re looking for an older gentleman to kick back with you then your search stops here.  Frodo, is a wonderful senior dog that would love to be able to live out his life with a family he can call his own.  He came to the shelter as a stray, and no one came to claim him.  We are guessing he is 10-11 years old, and we are sure he has some hearing issues.  He still gets around good and loves to go for walks. He is very quiet in his kennel and would make an older person a great companion.  If you think you can give Frodo and new home please don’t hesitate to call

503-397-3935 or

Petfinders and Blogpaws are doing an amazing thing by promoting this drive to adopt a less-adoptable pet. There are so many dogs in the shelters that are “less-adoptable”. Did you know that 30% of the senior dogs like Frodo will NOT be adopted? How sad is that?

Do your part and spread the word–post it on Facebook, Twitter or blog about it if you have a blog. Your help will get these sweet pets like Frodo adopted.

If you do write a blog, enter it on either or both of these sites who are both conducting a Blog Hop.

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14 thoughts on “Adopt a Less-Adoptable Pet-Frodo

  1. Hi sage and Mom,
    You are so right!! I rescued Joker at age 5 and a half and he lived to be 12 and 2 months. He was the most wonderful dog!!!! Good for you. we should all blog about rescue dogs often!!


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  3. We love the older dogs. Mom has takened many out of the shelter just so they could spend wot time they had left with us instead of in a shelter. They is so well behaved and never gibs us problems. Peeples if afraid they will die too soon if’n they adopt old dogs but they need to get over themselves. This not be about the peeples, it be about the animals. Those peeples will never know how rewarding it be to gib an older animal the best days of their life.


  4. Frodo does look like a great dog and it would make a wonderful dog for an elderly person. We sure hope someone comes along that will give him a forever home. Great post. We sure are in favor of trying to get the senior animals adopted. Have a great day.


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