Adopt a Less-Adoptable Pet-Cory

This is Cory! Isn’t he an adorable Brittany Spaniel? Right now he’s living at Project POOCH in Woodburn, Oregon, and needs a new home. He certainly doesn’t look like he has “special needs”, but Cory is deaf. That takes a special person who wants to give him lots of love and can teach him how to live in a deaf world. He’s already learning sign language!

This is what the shelter says about him:

LEAN, CLEAN, LOVIN’ MACHINE. Droopy ears, docked tail, short smooth coat and dreamy brown eyes makes this guy hard to resist. This handsome guy is a real dream boat. His true love will want to spend a lot of time with him.

In exchange for room, board, and lots of affection, Cory will give you unconditional love. He loves to cuddle and give big, wet kisses. He enjoys the company of dogs, cats, kids, and grownups.

Cory is deaf, so he is learning sign language. If you want to meet, Cory, leave him a message at 503-982-4492

To meet Cory, please call the Project POOCH kennels at MacLaren in Woodburn to schedule a visit — 503-982-4492.

Petfinders and Blogpaws are doing an amazing thing by promoting this drive to adopt a less-adoptable pet. There are so many dogs in the shelters that are “less-adoptable”. Did you know that 15% of the dogs with medical problems like Cory will NOT be adopted? How sad is that?

Do your part and spread the word–post it on Facebook, Twitter or blog about it if you have a blog. Your help will get these sweet pets like Cory adopted.

If you do write a blog, enter it on either or both of these sites who are both conducting a Blog Hop.

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8 thoughts on “Adopt a Less-Adoptable Pet-Cory

  1. Cory is adorable. That marking on his cheek makes him look like he’s smiling really big (he probably is). That’s amazing that he’s learning sign language. They’re so smart! Best of luck to Cory and thank you to you for bringing more attention to him.


  2. There is a school that to the hearing impaired in my town. Unfortunately, I don’t know a single parent over there or faculty member. What a great pet fora family that signs on a regular basis. He looks sweet. I think Opie would love to play with him. He has a good face. I wish him the best of luck. Check out Ebony on my site. She’s got a problem with her back legs, but that doesn’t seem to stop her.
    Take Care,
    Opie’s Mom


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