Adopt a Less-Adoptable Pet–Babbas

Don’t you wonder why some people have dogs and then shut them in a basement most of their lives? Well, that’s what happened to Babbas. He’s an 8-year old German Shepherd mix. This is his story:

I’m Babbas, you can call me Travis though. It just rolls off the tongue a little better eh? I’m a young at heart, easygoing happy dude! That’s strange, huh? Oh that’s right, You haven’t heard my story yet…well, lemme tell you a bit about myself. Why is it strange that I’m happy and friendly and happy to be here in the shelter? Well, it’s because I’ve spent the majority of my adult life with minimal care, living in a basement. That’s right, a freakin’ basement. Is that any place for a happy fellow like me? NO. NO. NO. A basement is the place you store your extra junk, it’s no place for an affectionate, loyal and loving companion. But, I don’t hold grudges, I’m just glad that I have the opportunity to live the rest of my life above ground. You know, being a part of the family. Cuddling on the couch, lounging in the back yard, going for car rides…wow that sounds grand! I don’t want to share my home with cats though, but children over 6 and other dogs are just great by me. And did I mention that I LOVE people? Because I do, believe it or not I still do! And I promise, if you take me home I will love you too.

Babbas is not here at the shelter, he is being cared for by the fine folks at The Dog Park doggy daycare in Sellwood. If you are interested in meeting him you can do so at The Dog Park 503-230-1109.

8 years old- 68lbs. My adoption fee is $100 and includes; neuter, microchip, free veterinary exam, 1 month pet health insurance, reduced cost training class, leash/collar, toy & treat packet and food sample.

Hard to believe, huh? He’s adorable and really needs a home. It’s wonderful that he’s being cared for at the Dog Park.

Petfinders and Blogpaws are doing an amazing thing by promoting this drive to adopt a less-adoptable pet. There are so many dogs in the shelters that are “less-adoptable”. Did you know that 30% of the senior dogs like Babbas will NOT be adopted? How sad is that?

Do your part and spread the word–post it on Facebook, Twitter or blog about it if you have a blog. Your help will get these sweet pets like Babbas adopted.

If you do write a blog, enter it on either or both of these sites who are both conducting a Blog Hop.

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5 thoughts on “Adopt a Less-Adoptable Pet–Babbas

  1. Babas sure looks like a fun dog. That is horrible that he spent most of his life in a basement. Why do people do this to animals. He looks like he would make someone a great dog. We sure hope someone gives him a forever home.


  2. I really wonder why people like that have dogs. Just the other day I heard that someones relative had just got another dog after having their other one euthanized because it got in the way – it really makes me so angry. Great to read your post 🙂


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