Toby! I’m waiting……

I’ve probably told you this before, but it bares repeating: I have a hyper-button!! I don’t push it as much any more, but that doesn’t mean I can’t!  There is a routine, though, that Toby and I have worked out. It’s pretty neat.

First, Mom takes us for a walk. It doesn’t matter how far, but it’s generally at least a mile. I’m VERY good on these walks: stay right beside Mom and sit (most of the time) when she stops. You know, it’s a lot of hard work to do all that! Then we come home and go out into the back yard. That’s when it happens. I start the race and go around and around and around. Then I stop and wait. I bet you don’t know what for?

I wait for Toby!! He has to bark, you see. He’s like my cheering squad (of one). He barks, I run. He stops. I stop. He barks, I run. Pretty funny, huh?

It’s a lot of hard work on his part, you know. He has to synchronize his barks with my laps. We’ve practiced a lot on this and have it down pretty well now. I think we could sell the idea! What do you think?

Toby usually decides when it’s over. That’s when he quits barking (or Mom comes out and tells him to BE QUIET). That’s OK, though. It’s all part of the routine because it means nap time!! I do have to recharge all my batteries so I can do it again, you know.  After all, I’m still a puppy……..

PeeEsss: I heard Mom talking about starting agility training when they come back from Croatia! Mom says that will help me use up some of that high energy.

I wonder if that’s like the routine Toby and I do? Do you think I’ll need a cheering squad? Toby needs a job too!!

7 thoughts on “Toby! I’m waiting……

  1. I think it is a bit strange that your Mom wants to start agility training, but who knows, she might be good at it! I think your synchronized bark n’ run sounds pretty cool!!!


  2. I think you will really enjoy the agility stuff. You will need a cheering squad but probably not someone barking at you. We will be glad to quietly cheer you on. We can’t wait to hear about that.


  3. Hi Y’all, Just hoppin’ around and had to comment on you layin’ on the chair rungs…I like to do that too! But my Humans say I’ve never had a cute expression like yours!
    Hawk aka BrownDog


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