They’re LEAVING…..

Uh-oh, I think they really are going and I never got that hole dug. Darn, do you think I might fit in this?

It’s time for the Saturday Pet Blog, but Mom took my computer away so I can’t come visit you! But you can come see how I’m doing. I was sneaky and got some posts ready for when they are away. Don’t tell Mom though.

I think I might be sad, but I really don’t know. They’ve never gone away and left me before…..


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7 thoughts on “They’re LEAVING…..

  1. Hmmm! I can think of lots of things to “get into” while they’re gone and then maybe they’d take you with them next time! On second thought, it’s usually better just to chill and nap a lot so you’ll be well rested and ready to go when they return. You’ll have lots of energy when they get back and really make them pay for leaving you!
    Hawk aka BrownDog


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