The Life Cycle of a Toy

What dog doesn’t love a toy? Well, most dogs do anyhow. I don’t think Toby does–he never wants to play with one. At least I don’t think so…..

I think toys are meant for chewing. I especially love those plush ones–I can produce a mountain of stuffing in a matter of minutes! Oooh, and rubber toys. The only problem is that I throw up the rubber at 4:30am. Mom isn’t real happy about that.

I do love balls though. Tennis balls can be shredded in a matter of minutes, but if Dad uses a ball thrower, like he does at the dog park, I can play and play and play. I even bring it back! I haven’t chewed up my Chuckit! ball though. It bounces really well. I especially like the game of bouncing it down the stairs to the basement. I don’t go down there, so Mom learned the fetch game. She said some day she’s going to teach me to go down the stairs. Right now it’s the kitty sanctuary–at least that’s what they tell me.

Mom brought me home a new toy the other day. It’s a Kong Wubba. Mom is hopeful, I can tell! And this was so much fun to play with. Mom throws it and I bring it back. Just like the dog park. And it’s fun to chew on.

It’s even got a squeaker!

I can find all kinds of positions to chew in.

So, you ask, how long did this one take to chew up? About 24 hours. Of course, it wasn’t full-time chewing. And it’s only a little hole…….

10 thoughts on “The Life Cycle of a Toy

  1. Yeah, our Kong Wubba lasted about the same amount of time. And Abby is in a destructive phase right now, so stuffies that have survived for months (we had an abundance of stuffies….) are being killed left and right. Mom is just happy that Abby is sticking to the stuffies and hasn’t gone after her shoes! 😉

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus


  2. I have a red one of those that I carry around outside all the time when I’m in the mtns. but I give it to my Human to put in the toy box when I go inside. I’m slowly learning I get to play with my toys more and longer if I don’t eat them up.
    Hawk aka BrownDog


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