In the Beginning-Revisited

Since Mom and Dad left us while they went off to have fun, I thought you might like some of my earlier stories:

I started my life in this family when I was 10-weeks old and weighed 6 pounds. I was quite a  ball of funky fur with folded down ears and a curled up tail. I was born in Madras, Oregon on November 27, 2009 and was taken to the shelter along with my two brothers–I don’t know where they are, but I’m sure they are as happy as I am. They called me “Aponi” back then–it’s a Native American female name meaning butterfly. It’s a pretty name, but not me.

Then they moved me to another shelter and my new family found me!  We all thought Sage was a good name, so that’s who I became.

My new household already had a dog named Toby and two cats. They don’t like me too much. But I want to be friends and keep trying. They tell me I’m too trying…….

Anyhow, Toby and I became friends. It took a while–he thought I was a brat and he missed his sister who died a few weeks before I came here. But I took care of that. I pounced on him, took him my toys and finally he started playing. He taught me a lot about playing in those first few months, and I’m really glad, because I now play with lots of other dogs and I’m not afraid!

8 thoughts on “In the Beginning-Revisited

  1. Awwww, wot a cutie patootie! And wot a grate brudder Toby you has to teach you all the impawtant dog things. Did he teach you digging, too? I teached that to all the foster dogs wot stayed here. No way woz they getting adopted without knowing how to dig.


  2. You sure were cute! Of course, you’re beautiful now. They changed my name too. I used to be Chewy, but my mom and the rescue people thought that name might get me in trouble. So now I’m Opie. I feel like an Opie. You look like a Sage as well.


  3. I didn’t get to see any pictures of you when you were young, darn.
    It was nice to know about you when you were a pup tho!
    XXO, Bambi & Fern


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