Elk Antlers-Revisited

Since Mom and Dad left us while they went off to have fun, I thought you might like some of my earlier stories:

Have you ever had an antler to chew? All I can say is WOW.

Mom and Dad heard about these things at a park we go to called Normandale. It’s tons of fun and always lots of dogs to run and play with. I especially like it when a dog runs after a ball or likes to race around the park. Then I can race too! Wait–what was I talking about. Oh, antlers…….

Anyhow, Mom ordered some from a place called Antler Pantry. This package came and she gave Toby and me one each. I took one smell and ran under the desk. What was this thing? Was it going to hurt me? I was SCARED. But then I heard something–it was Toby chewing on one of those things. Maybe it wasn’t so bad after all. I guess I should try it.

Well, long story short. I chew on my antler all the time. I even took Toby’s away from him–he really didn’t want it anyway.

3 thoughts on “Elk Antlers-Revisited

  1. Hmmm! Never had an antler. The Humans have some that have fallen off of deer, but I don’t get to chew on them. Does food come out of them?
    Hawk aka BrownDog


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