Or so they thought. Today, I proved that theory wrong yet again. Let me tell you what happened.

When I go out on the town, or to the dog park, I wear this really nice leash that had been Maggie’s–you know she was my sister who went over the Rainbow Bridge. Well, it was made by Timberwolf and the leash is a double-braided 7/16″ round nylon rope with a nice handle for Mom or Dad. I’ve tried chewing on it, like I did those silly old flat nylon ones, but never got anywhere. Those flat ones are a snap! Just let me have one and I’ll show you how fast I can chew through it.

Well, I was secretly chewing on my Timberwolf one while Mom and Dad were away. My petsitter didn’t know and I didn’t tell her. I did it while she was taking us to the dog park. Anyhow, there’s some cording where the leash is attached to the metal hook, so I concentrated on that part. I figured that if there was any way to do it, it was there. And bingo! I did it.

Mom opened the door at the park this morning and there I was–no leash! I was proud, but I don’t think Mom was too happy. She had to put Toby’s leash on me and Toby got to go without. NO FAIR.

I heard Mom ordering me a new one. She said it was purple! Just like my harness!! I wonder how long this one will last? Mom said it had better last forever. We’ll see…..

Oh, one more thing, I heard Mom say she was changing my name to Destructo.

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5 thoughts on “Indestructable!

  1. I don’t know what it is about leads that makes them so chewy! You want to be careful because my Tommy used to chew through his leads so I bought him a big old heavy chain type lead. He even chewed through one of the car seat belts one time because he thought it was a lead – daft dog.


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