I’m Skeery!!!!

What the heck are they doing to us now? Look at what they put on us:

Do I look like a squirrel? Gee whiz, this hat is driving me NUTS. Toby makes a nice king, but he didn’t like his crown either.

There was a Halloween party at Fido’s and all the dogs were dressed up–well, most of them..

And I got to play ball! My favorite thing in the whole wide world is to play ball. Mom says I’m ball-obsessed.

I think I’d have made a better she-devil, don’t you?

Pretty scary, huh?

Now it’s time for the Saturday Blog Hop.

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9 thoughts on “I’m Skeery!!!!

  1. Hi Y’all, Actually you both look great! But I’m glad it’s you and not me!
    Thanks for stoppin’ by! It is beautiful here, but mornings are chilly now. This is perfect weather with chilly mornings and warm days…summer has left ’til next year!
    Y’all come back now.
    Hawk aka BrownDog


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