Anipal Photo Hunt #11: Trick or Treat!

OK, you saw those pictures of Toby and me yesterday, but there are more!! Oh, the indignity of it all…………..

Toby does make a pretty nice king.

Then, there’s me–a stupid squirrel. I bet you’d never would have guess that, huh?

Now it’s time for the Anipal Blog Hop!

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9 thoughts on “Anipal Photo Hunt #11: Trick or Treat!

  1. You are right, Sage, Toby does make a pretty good King. He looks quite regal. And you look…well, squirrely. I love you, though!!! Toby 2


  2. I think I am understanding dad’s comment about “embarrassing.” Oh I just realized how funny that is, My day who takes pictures of me pooping all the time thinks wearing a costume is embarrassing. He should run for office.


  3. Whew! Thank Heavens! My Humans don’t know about this crazy thing y’all call Halloween! At least I never see any pumpkins or costumes around. Please don’t tell them about it! Y’all come by now!
    Hawk aka BrownDog


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