From Croatia with Love

I asked Mom whether some of my nation live in Croatia and they do! We are EVERYWHERE!! Mom didn’t see very many, but there was a dog here and there.  She looked for a dog store or some great doggy toys in one of the shops, but found nothing. I mean NOTHING. What’s that all about? She probably just didn’t look hard enough.

She was told that some humans in the cities can’t afford to feed them and turn them loose. WHAT?? Turn them loose? I think that would be really scary. Who would give them tummy rubs?

One morning Mom looked out the window while eating breakfast and saw two dogs on top the hill across from the hotel. There’s an Italian bunker, left over from World War II, up there and they were on it! See that crane? Look on top of the hill just to the right of it. There it is!! That’s where they were. Walking the bunker walls.

I know what those dogs were doing: they were patrolling the sea-coast, watching for invaders. I just know it. And I think what they were doing is really important because Dubrovnik gets bombed a lot. Every time there’s a war, it gets bombed. So, I felt really proud that my compadres were so vigilant.

In honor of these dogs, Mom prepared a very special treat for us. A very special pâté straight from Croatia:

atop pumpkin and apple cookies.

OMD, is there more?

She said we have to stay vigilant too, just like our Croatian friends. I’m always on the lookout for invaders. And, you know what? There was one on my fence the other day. A big, fat brown one. Toby and I chase it up the tree! I think we do pretty good at keeping invaders away, don’t you?

Now it’s time for the Saturday Pet Blogger Hop!

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12 thoughts on “From Croatia with Love

  1. You are a very lucky dog Sage! It sounds like your mom loves you very much.
    It’s nice to read about a dog in another country. I am glad you can share your experiences with us!
    (Stopping by on the Blogger Hop!)


  2. Hi Y’all! I like to bark loud and scare off invaders! Those treats remind me it is my supper time. Gotta go get Momma! Thanks for hoppin by earlier! I’ll be back soon!
    Y’all come back now!
    Hawk aka BrownDog


  3. Thank you to visit me today
    You guys are so lucky. The treat look really good but I’m a bit fuzzy. Cat food only
    By the way, where is the cat ?
    Alright, he or she might go to Halloween party.
    Have a great Halloween !


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