Who’s the Grump?

I bet you are wondering who WAS a grump. Well, I was. I think my Mom was too, but let me tell you my side of the story.

Yesterday morning, I went outside to check the back yard perimeter. My usual thing to do–I have to make sure there have been no invaders overnight. It was still dark, but that’s OK–I have a good nose. Anyhow, I heard someone walking a dog down the street beside our house. And I heard these new dogs come out across the street. They’re new and I haven’t met them. So, I decided now was as good a time as any. Since Mom won’t leave the gate open for me, I decided to dig a hole under the fence. Yep. I did it. Never did that before, but it sure was easy.

Those are bulbs I dug up...

Before I went over to meet all these new dogs, I smelled something. (I told you I had a good nose.) It was dead and stinky and heaven to roll in. And I did. I rolled and rolled and rolled. Then I met the new dogs.

Mom spoiled it all by coming out and those hu-mans told her I was outside our fence. I was having way to much fun to go home right away, so I showed her! I ran over to my friend Janice’s house. I don’t think I’m suppose to do that, but it’s such a fun game. Mom took me home and made me come in the house. Party pooper….

The beginnings of the torture

I thought my eau de stink was most becoming, but you’ll never believe what my Mom did!! She took me to Fido’s (our indoor dog park) and had some stranger give me a bath!! Well, I like baths ok, but only when they are at home. (Remember, I just had one last Tuesday.) They’ve never done this to me before. Do you think it was mean of them? I do.

Do I look happy? NOOOOOO

After having to get this bath and losing all my lovely smells, this hu-bather turned a hose on me! I thought I was going to get all sucked up and blown away. Mom said it was just the blow dryer, but it was scary and I was shaking. And you know what? I worked hard to smell that good. What’s the matter with them?

My stoic pose

When they were through torturing me, I went into the dog park section and every single dog came over to sniff me. Well, I really was grumpy now. I couldn’t even show off my great eau de stink. I was so grumpy I even growled at those dogs, so Mom and Dad took me home. Mom said I can’t growl at other dogs. Boy, SHE was grumpy now–I think she was growling at me!!

I was exhausted after all that and decided a good long nap would do the trick. And, guess what? It did!!!

11 thoughts on “Who’s the Grump?

  1. Oh, Sage. How AWFUL for you! Please, please tell me that your Mom didn’t continue to torture you today, too. I feel for you. Toby and Macy do, too.


  2. Oh Sage, you Mom wasn’t cranky. She was worried sick.

    It’s very scary to find out your best dog in the whole world can get out of her yard where she is safe. I hope you’ve forgiven her.


  3. Hi Sage,
    We have all been through that stink stuff!! All had to have a bath right away!! Bambi has never had a bath away from home tho. Her baths are aways at home in the tub!! Her Mom is just scrubbing away and some times Dad helps too.
    It is part of having fur babies!! LOL
    XO, Bambi & Fern


  4. That’s a good hole! Oh gosh you now have to make sure that doesn’t happen again 🙂 I’ve spent so many hours trying to secure the yard. Nothing nicer than a newly bathed dog though!


  5. That’s what you get Sage for trying to get outside the fence!! Some day you’ll learn that that wonderful smell you were going after ain’t going to last. They always come after ya with a BATH!! Bet you smell pretty now?? BOL


  6. Oh you poor, poor doggeh, Sage! We have a fence sort of like that and I know Mom and Dadzers hope we never dig a hole like that, although there are lots of cool things outside it heheh! And that tortuous bath – we feel just dreadfuls for you! Hope things have settled down by now! Nice to meet you!
    Hugs xoxoxo
    Sammie and Avalon


  7. It’s okay Sage. I know how you feel. At least you had a moment of freedom. Mom bought. I was just getting started on the back fence when Mom filled it all in with Cinder block bricks. I can’t budge’em. I know there’s a squirrel back there laughing at me.

    Oh well, you have to forgive her I suppose. She loves you and you love her. I forgave my mom too.

    I hate the groomers too, but Mom lets me get in the bed after I’ve been and everyone wants me in their lap. I think I smell wierd, but the Humans like it.

    Go figure!

    Smell you later,

    Your pal Opie


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