Toby and my Crate

Toby had to go to the V-E-T. He’s had this red rash on his nose–he showed it to me one day when it was really red. I said “ick”. He said it itched. The V-E-T took him in the back room and scrapped off some stuff and looked at it in the big machine. He stuck his eye down on the machine and Toby heard him say: “hmmmm”. Toby told me that didn’t sound good. The V-E-T told Mom and Dad that Toby has demodectic mange. EEEEEEWWWWW.

It’s not something OLD dogs get if their immune systems are working right. I don’t know what that means, but it can’t be good. So, he had to go stay at the V-E-T all day today. They put some wet stuff all over him and he had to air dry. At least he didn’t get sucked up and blown away like I did the other day!! Mom says he has to go and get this stuff on him 3 more times!! At least….. Boy, he’ll have more baths that I could ever think about. Better him than me, I say.

So, you ask: what’s this about my crate? Well, I took a stand today and said “NO MORE!”  I’m almost 1-year old and I think I can show them I’m a big girl now!! And I had no one here (Toby) to tell me what to do. Well, actually, I tell him what to do, but you get the idea.

So, Mom and Dad left and I was all alone in the house. I had the whole house to myself!! Well, the kitties were there, but they don’t count. And I was good! See. I told you I could be good. I just have to work on it sometimes. Mom and Dad were really busy today and came home, left again, came home, left again. I bet they were dizzy from all that coming and going. I know I wasn’t. I was in charge and I protected the house from intruders!! And not in my crate. I felt so grown up.

What's that on your leg?

Then Toby came home. I was glad to see him and told him how I can now help him guard the house too. He thought that was a good idea. We have too many of those SQ things around and one might even get into the house. It a big job and takes both of us to keep them away. At least that’s what I say….

I'd better check my leg also


8 thoughts on “Toby and my Crate

  1. Sage – you are just too cute for words, and, yes nearly all grown up! Say, today I saw a dog that looked just like you did when you were younger. He is also a Kelpie, but only 4 months old, so not grown up like you are.


  2. Sage, that do be so impressive that you bees good out of your crate at only 1 year old. Heck, I woz just getting started at age one. Three pair of $300 eyeglasses, 12 remote controls, the arm of the sofa… And that woz when mom woz home and watching me! (I woz a sneaky yungun.) I woz in my crate until I woz at least 3 years old. Mom woz not trusting me AT ALL during the terribull twos, BOL! Oh and boo fur your Toby hasing the mangies. At least that not be the catching kind. We once fostered a dog wot mom did not knows had sarcoptic mange and we all gotted the itchies rilly bad (even mom!) – it woz the catching kind!


  3. You were really good outside of your crate Sage. Maybe if you are super good you won’t have to stay in it at all.

    I am doomed. I just can’t help getting into mischief. I just gotta chew! I’m a slave to my genes.

    Besides that, I really love all the treats I get for going in my crate. I get CHICKEN!

    Smell you later,



    • That’s fantastic! Good job Sage on proving yourself so trustworthy with all that excitement going on. My dog, Shiva, is two and she still can’t be left alone that long without being in her crate. Your accomplishment is something to celebrate.


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