Collar Chewing

This is my friend Whiffle. He’s a Silver Lab puppy and loves to play. In fact, he even got me away from my ball today, which is almost a miracle. At least that’s what my Mom says…..

We love to play neck or collar chew. Here Whiffle goes for the neck.

Then, I grab his collar.

I think we were pretty well matched!

We even played ball a bit.

I hope Whiffle comes to Fido’s (my favorite dog park) often!!

Now it’s time for the Saturday Blog Hop.

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11 thoughts on “Collar Chewing

  1. Hi Y’all,
    Just had a moment before the Humans get rushing around and wanted to stop, see what y’all ‘ve been doin’ all week and say Hi!
    Y’all come by now! Bring Whistle with ya…I’ve never met a silver lab.
    Hawk aka BrownDog


  2. I see a couple of others have said it, but you might think about break away collars or going naked for wrestling time. Personal experience – Rusty’s jaw got hooked under Natasha’s collar and Natasha almost passed out from lack of air – despite the fact that I was only 3 feet away from them when it happened. Every member of The Herd wears a break away collar in the house now.

    Sorry for the seriousness – because I love the picture of wrestling dogs.


  3. Woo-hoo! Wrestling is FUN! Moo goes straight fur my neck fur, and sometimes all I can reach on her are her tags, so I try to use those to make her let me go… sometimes it works & sometimes it doesn’t. I don”t mind being the “underdog” now & then.



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