Nose Prints

Mom and Dad had to go somewhere and I had to go in my crate.  “What! I thought I was BIG“. Mom said I am, but sometimes I still have to go in my crate when they leave. I can only stay out when they are gone for just a few minutes, but someday I’ll be like Toby and stay out ALL the time. Can you believe she said that? You’d think being almost 1-year old would count for something.

So, you wonder what all that has to do with nose prints. I’m getting to that. Mom came back and said there were nose prints all over her rear-view mirror, whatever that is, and they were definitely DOG nose prints. How do I know she didn’t stick HER nose up there and is just saying that? What if some other dog broke into our car and stuck its nose on that mirror thing.

I do sorta remember that she had to go back in the house the last time we went somewhere. She hadn’t gotten me all settled in the back seat yet and she said something. I can’t remember if it was “stay out of the front seat” or “Sage, guard the front seat”. I like the last one best, don’t you?

Uh-oh. I just thought of something else. There’s some good in being only 1-year old–my nose prints probably aren’t on file with the Federal Bureau of Noses or Noserpol. Maybe I should lick the mirror clean before they end up there!! Good idea, huh?

13 thoughts on “Nose Prints

    • I’d definitely lick the mirror clean in future. And I’m SURE she asked you to guard the front seat against stray dogs who might try to sneak in and stick their noses against that mirror. I mean, that happens all the time! 😉 Abby is ‘free-range’ when Mom and Dad leave the house (she’s not quite 1 yet), mostly because she barks her head off when she’s in a crate. However, if Mom and Dad are going to be gone for more than 3 hours, we either have a sitter or go to daycare… Definitely try to keep your nose prints out of all of those major crime databases….

      *kissey face*
      -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus


  1. Hahahaha. Poor Sage, I think you’re caught on this one.

    There isn’t a window in our truck that isn’t covered with nose prints. Can you tell we have a dog, or what?


  2. Vow Sage, you have a great nose, but I thiiink mine is bigger… I saw you playing around with friends…you have been digging…you have been busy! It’s always good to see you!
    Licks from Nero


  3. We are sure that another dog broke in and put there nose prints on that mirror just to frame you.
    Callie says staying in the condo isn’t to bad.. She is 2 and still can NOT be trusted.. Something about fly-byes with boots, slippers, towels, socks….. Us boys are out all day though..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie


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