Crow’s Nest

Do you see that nest up there?

There–do you see it now?

Mom said it was probably a crow’s nest.

What? I thought crow’s nests were in these big boats that were out on the ocean. Is someone up there looking out for pirates? I’d better practice swashbuckling. Or maybe it’s swords. I can’t quite remember–we haven’t seen any pirate movies lately.

Maybe I can sniff them out. What if they’re under all these leaves?

Sage: Mom! I thought these leaves were all cleaned up 3 days ago.

Mom: Sage, they were. And I blew more off the deck yesterday.

I guess we are safe for now, but I’m sure going to be on the alert!

9 thoughts on “Crow’s Nest

  1. I would not has too many worries about that nest rite now coz it do be winter time and the nests all be boarded up and closed. But do keep an eyeball on it come springtime when they mite be doing spring cleaning and setting up nestkeeping up there. Could be skwerrels too, YIKES! And same here – me and mom picked up efurry single leaf on Saturday and you would think we is the laziest leaf picker uppers effur if’n you woz to see my yard rite now! But our tree do be nekkid now so mebbe this be the last time.


    • We have more squirrels than you can imagine. We also have a ton of crows and a fledgling came out of a nest this summer, ended up in our yard & I couldn’t go out for 2 days!


  2. That looks like a squirrel tree to me Sage. You gotta be vigilant. Are your crows as big as ours. They are almost as big as me. But I still like to chase them. I nearly pulled the leash out of Michael’s hand the other day. It was too much — a crow and a squirrel in the neighbor’s yard. How much can a dog bear?


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